1. G

    Progression: Restyling A Clump-Style "Old Shimpaku" - Design input requested

    This'll be a long detailed post, so feel free to bail now or skip to post 2 where the design questions are :D Some background: Was gifted this clump style shimpaku late last year and it was a great push into the Bonsai deep end. I've invested the dormant winter months to learn like a madman...
  2. Kievnstavick

    Albizia saman (Samanea Saman)

    This is a master thread for all of my Albizia Samans aka monkeypod tree or raintree. The point of this master thread is to have a place for all 14 of my A. samans posted (and links to their induvial threads in the future) as I didn't want to flood the forums with individual posts that are not...
  3. Kievnstavick

    Adansonia digitata #3

    The first identifiable picture of this boabab. Taken on the 14th of March, 2022. This one had kind of a strange start which I attribute to the fact that it was in a bonsai substrate from germination combined with learning how to actually water with bonsai substrate. The seed germinated, pushing...
  4. Kievnstavick

    Adansonia digitata #2

    A thread dedicated to the progression of one of my A. digitata trees (aka Boabab, Upside-down, Rat-tail). This was planted on the 1st of January, 2022. Pictured above is the plant's progress during the winter and early spring.
  5. Kievnstavick

    Adansonia digitata #1

    Dedicating a thread to show progression of an African Boabab (Upside-down tree, Rat-tail tree) tree from collection to hopefully a show worthy tree in the far future. My goal with this thread is to catalog the journey of both this tree and myself as well as providing an example to new hobbyists...
  6. IMG_20221205_154540_392.jpg


    First year of progress on the silhouette of this magnolia stellata. Pleased with progress but a long way to go.
  7. Apex37

    Caleb’s Tree Thread Progression

    I feel like most of my posts are questions on issues with my trees. It’s been a rough year between having an incredibly hot summer, watering issues, pest issues, etc. I thought I’d make a thread and continue updating trees that I’ve been working on that are actually doing well. Lol
  8. PowerTap

    Starter shohin procumbus juniper progression

    So this is the tree that got me started. My wife bought me a class to make a bonsai and I don't think she knew what she was getting into. Jokes on her. The raw material was humble The initial styling was cute After a year it got some pads This year it grew really well. And then just got...
  9. hampton

    American Larch # (and #3?)

    This is the second American larch in my collection. It is two years out of collection and ready to be styled or repotted in the Spring The two trees could be re positioned or separated into two pots. I'm sure there I'll get a better understanding of the branch structure once the needles have...
  10. hampton

    American Larch #1

    Over the past few months I've picked up a handful of American larch yamadori, it's been quite enjoyable having them on the bench. Japanese larch trees are what initially piqued my interest in bonsai. To that end I know the pictured tree is a year out of collection and it was recommended to let...
  11. Alaskanrocket

    Ficus Progression

    I wanted to post this to document my progress from Houseplant to tree in a pot. Some minimal back story, I got the tree about a year ago, mistakenly chopped it back a bunch and spent the rest of the winter and this summer waiting for it to recover. It spent the summer outside and did okay, I...
  12. MHBonsai


    For the past several years I've been compiling progressions that have been helpful to me. Typically I'm looking for good photo documentation of bonsai transformations, with descriptions of how/what/when. Thanks for all that have helped me put this list together - hopefully it's a useful...
  13. L

    Lorax7 Brazilian Rain Tree #2 progression

    Had this tree for a few years. Put a bit of wire on it today. Didn’t think to take a before picture. Sorry.
  14. Sidesummy

    Sidesummy's JBP & JRP Ground Growing Progression

    Sidesummy's JBP & JRP Ground Growing Progression Photo Series: As of 2022 I'm 7 years into my bonsai from seed journey. I thought it would in nice to provide an ongoing photo series of my progress thus far. Reading the forums for several years I have always found it particularly helpful when...
  15. L

    Lorax7 Shimpaku Juniper #4 progression

    Forgot to take a “before” picture. I’ve had this Shimpaku for a year or two but hadn’t previously done anything to it besides repotting and creating a few jin. Started on creating some shari and wired up a few of the branches to get some movement in them while it’s still relatively easy to do...
  16. B

    3 year Itoigawa progression

    Three year progression on this Itoigawa Juniper whip originally sourced from Shoka Bonsai in the UK. Picture below from 2019 Picture below from yesterday. My wiring could still use a little refinement but overall I’m pretty happy with the progression & how much I’ve learnt in the process...
  17. TreeJunkie

    Progression Forum?

    Would it be a good idea to have a forum dedicated to progression posts? I often wind up scrolling through other forums just looking for progressions. Thinking it would be nice to have a dedicated place to go and find them. Thoughts?
  18. Adamski77

    JBP Progression

    My progression thread on Japanese Black Pine... nothing really done since I bought it. Will be doing some work later this year but thought I'll post the pictures ahead... maybe somebody will have some remarks/ideas. 4 pictures... 4 sides of the tree. Currently fed a lot with quite balanced...
  19. brennobonsai

    Citrus mame bonsai development thread.

    I decided to start my first bonsai development progress thread. It's going to be a mame probably. I got the seedling as a gift from my grandmother and decided to wire it up to see if it turned into something good. Here are some pictures from less than a week when I planted it in a plastic pot...
  20. Caleb Campbell

    Japanese Maple Field Growing Progression Thread

    I just planted some of my smaller palmatums in the ground, and I want to get a sense of their development speed. I have had a hard time finding any threads showcasing Japanese maples' speed of trunk growth in the ground over the course of years. I see lots of refinement progressions, but not...
  21. Caleb Campbell

    American Hornbeam #2 Progression, Caleb C.

    Here is another Carpinus Caroliniana I collected in December 2020. It has a rather straight trunk, but has a massive (comparitively) opposing root flare. Will be a nice, straight, shohin+ haha. Wish I got pictures of the roots when I potted it. Upon Collection: Leafed out in February and here...
  22. parhamr

    Telperion Pinus sylvestris progression

    I thought I had a thread for this tree, but I guess I’ve only put it into the Tree Thread. Here we go! I scored a Telperion Scots Pine in 2017 for a song. It was in their bargain section, having been almost fully infected by needlecast (causing massive loss of interior buds and branches). This...
  23. parhamr

    Progression of Acer macrophyllum D

    I’ve posted this tree here and there, but it doesn’t yet have its own thread. (Huh, maybe I should just have one bigleaf maple thread?!) Like the other 3 Acer macrophyllum I have, this one was part of a 2012 urban collection from flower beds and against sidewalks. It is an informal broom in the...
  24. E

    Seiju Elm Starter

    I got this Seiju Chinese Elm cutting in July last year. It looked like this. I let it grow without any trimming or root work (so I don't have any idea what the roots are like) and now it's much bigger. The overall image hasn't changed much since about the middle of summer, but it seems...
  25. Caleb Campbell

    American Hornbeam #1 Progression, Caleb C.

    I collected this nice little hornbeam on December 29, 2020 from my woods, had pretty good surface roots and a really nice radial nebari. Washed the roots and placed it in an 11 inch pond basket. The cuts I made on the major roots are too far away from the trunk in hindsight, which will set me...
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