1. D

    Schefflera Forest Progression

    This is a fun one. One of the first trees I ever started, all from a posting on Facebook marketplace for I think $15-$20. In the summer of 2021, I drove out to the middle of nowhere, where this woman was selling this schefflera which was haphazardly laying in a pile of other plants in the woods...
  2. D

    My mom's juniper progression

    My mom bought this pencil thin juniper for $50 a few years back when I first was starting out and stopped at a bonsai nursery. Here's the tree right when she got it in August of 2021: Pencil thin, planted in a concrete container with glued on rubber feat and vaguely threaded onto some...
  3. Deep Sea Diver

    Playing Around with a Ponderosa - A Bonsai Project

    Regretfully there are no earlier photos of this tree… at least so far. The tree was dug by Andy Smith of Golden Arrow Bonsai in 2020 with and estimated age of 45 years. age. We acquired in Feb 2022. I wired the tree in Sept 2022 and Jennifer Price helped with the initial styling. It was...
  4. PowerTap

    PT Japanese Maple #1

    So this is my first Japanese Maple. I got it for free from a club member who stated pretty frankly that he was 65 and had started way to many trees from seed for a man his age. It was coming into leaf at the time and I just fed and watered it through the summer. Now it's fall and I finally...
  5. Deep Sea Diver

    Black Hills Spruce Raft - Initial Design and Progression

    Greetings! Received a Black Hills Spruce raft 9/22/2022 from Andy Smith at Golden Arrow Bonsai. It has four trunks and a somewhat eclectic layout, with great promise as a practice project. Here’s a suite of screen grabs from Andy‘s preview movie taken just before it was sent here. Andy had...
  6. pandacular

    panda’s Pinus parviflora ‘Aoi’

    I bought this white pine from my local nursery during their fall tree sale. I find the foliage of ‘Aoi’ stunning, and the growth habit looks compelling for an upright or slanting pine. Its also one of the cultivars listed in the Bonsai Today book, so somebody’s using them for bonsai. When I...
  7. L

    Lorax7 Coastal Redwood #3 progression

    Started from high elevation collected seed obtained from Sheffield’s in 2022. Trimmed it and wired up a new leader today. Before: After:
  8. L

    Lorax7 Coastal Redwood #2 progression

    Started from seed in spring 2022 with seed from Sheffield’s. The seed was collected from a grove at high elevation, so it’s supposed to be more cold hardy than typical coastal redwoods. Trimmed it and wired up a new leader today. Placed it in partial shade for the recovery afterward. Before...
  9. L

    Lorax7 Monkeypod #1 progression

    I’ve had this tree for a while, but apparently I’d never gotten around to creating a progression thread for it. Started from seed in fall of 2017, but I don’t have photos going back that far. Here it is in July 2021: September 2021 (white patches are cold damage, I believe — I’ve come to...
  10. pandacular

    panda's bald cypress

    I purchased this collected bald cypress from @Cajunrider. Potted it in an Anderson to let it sit for a few years (so this thread may be boring for a while!) It looks rather healthy considering the distance it's traveled. Roots were still moist in the box when it arrivedved, bagged up. I'm...
  11. IckyGuyBonsai

    Some "too little" fun

    Been trying to sift through all my random, unorganized, and sporadic photos of my trees (anyone want to share if they have a specific schedule for photographing individual trees to track progress?) and decided to share a short progression of this Ficus "too little" that I've been messing around...
  12. mopifish

    Creeping Juniper - First Bonsai Progression

    HI everyone! I just got my first bonsai today (a creeping juniper from my local nursery), and with some wonderful advice from @pandacular pruned it into a shape. Since this is my first ever Bonsai, I thought it'd be fun to start a progression thread This was the initial Juniper, which I had...
  13. Baku1875

    Baku's consolidated bucida spinosas/molinetti thread

    Consolidating all of my bucida spinosa/terminalia molinetti tree progressions and work into a single thread to keep things less spammy. I appreciate and welcome any constructive criticism, questions, suggestions. The poll is for the first tree. This is my 2nd biggest one, has kind of a long...
  14. Baku1875

    Baku's consolidated bougainvilleas progression thread

    Consolidating all my bougies into 1 thread so it's easier to update and easier for people to view and comment on these projects, and so it doesn't look like I'm spamming too much because I'm procuring a lot of bougies in the past few weeks (more to come as well), fast approaching 20! (now around...
  15. Kievnstavick

    Abies koreana "Ice Breaker"

    Welcome wanderers to my exploration of a witch's broom from a Korean Fir. As far as I could tell, I did not see a graft unless the witch's broom has consumed the original graft. I acquired this tree from a local nursery. Within the first year, I cleaned the tree up a bit. Removing some unwanted...
  16. Baku1875

    Dwarf Barbados cherry air layers and future chops!

    Alright, thanks to BNut homies i identified this thing, and after dragging this tree out of the shady corner of my yard, it's time to seek out some of its potential. Here Air layer time Canadian peat and perlite mix and some sphagnum on top Two air layers ready to grow, might do another 2...
  17. D

    Quercus ilex from acorn

    Hello everyone, I started this thread to document the development of my Quercus ilex grown from acorn since 2017. I started a thread about this tree when I (unsuccessfully) tried an air layer. Thread 'Chasing unicorns Q. ilex air layer'...
  18. R0b

    Malus progres

    Progress thread for my Malus not sure if this is M. Halliana or M. floribunda. I purchased this tree two years ago as a bonsai starter. The tree was grown in Korea. Unfortunately I wasn’t taking pictures of my trees for a while, so my first picture of it is from flowering last year. It didn’t...
  19. R

    Rosepastry:Pinus Echinata progression

    My short needle seedlings have survived a few years so I am I am putting them on here to see how this progresses (and hold myself accountable). I also like looking at progressions with pictures so hopefully I will get better at taking them for this thread. 0: I dug a square bricked the edges of...
  20. G

    Progression: Restyling A Clump-Style "Old Shimpaku" - Design input requested

    This'll be a long detailed post, so feel free to bail now or skip to post 2 where the design questions are :D Some background: Was gifted this clump style shimpaku late last year and it was a great push into the Bonsai deep end. I've invested the dormant winter months to learn like a madman...
  21. Kievnstavick

    Albizia saman (Samanea Saman)

    This is a master thread for all of my Albizia Samans aka monkeypod tree or raintree. The point of this master thread is to have a place for all 14 of my A. samans posted (and links to their induvial threads in the future) as I didn't want to flood the forums with individual posts that are not...
  22. Kievnstavick

    Adansonia digitata #3

    The first identifiable picture of this boabab. Taken on the 14th of March, 2022. This one had kind of a strange start which I attribute to the fact that it was in a bonsai substrate from germination combined with learning how to actually water with bonsai substrate. The seed germinated, pushing...
  23. Kievnstavick

    Adansonia digitata #2

    A thread dedicated to the progression of one of my A. digitata trees (aka Boabab, Upside-down, Rat-tail). This was planted on the 1st of January, 2022. Pictured above is the plant's progress during the winter and early spring.
  24. Kievnstavick

    Adansonia digitata #1

    Dedicating a thread to show progression of an African Boabab (Upside-down tree, Rat-tail tree) tree from collection to hopefully a show worthy tree in the far future. My goal with this thread is to catalog the journey of both this tree and myself as well as providing an example to new hobbyists...
  25. IMG_20221205_154540_392.jpg


    First year of progress on the silhouette of this magnolia stellata. Pleased with progress but a long way to go.
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