1. Wendy Likly Welch

    Flowering Quince tips and tricks

    I am expecting a thornless flowering quince in the mail and I want to use it for bonsai..Any help or suggestions would be great.
  2. SeanS

    Flowering quince clump progression

    Thread for the progress of my Japanese flowering quince clump. Started from nursery material in November 2020. I’m unsure of the flower colour, it was marked as “pink or white” at the nursery. Also unsure of the cultivar, also just marked as “chaenomeles” As purchased After the initial cut...
  3. amatbrewer

    More info on a "Chinese" quince?

    On impulse this spring I picked up a quince ($15) that looked like it might make an interesting cluster or storybook style tree some day...if I don't screw it up or kill it (which are much more likely). When I asked abut what kind of quince it was all they could tell me was it is "Chinese". I...
  4. j evans

    Does a Quince plant need dormancy?

    It is time to put away the plants for the winter. There is some thought that it would be nice to have one of our Quince plants in the garage. It stays about 48 - 55 in there most of the winter with modest grow lights. Any thoughts?
  5. PeaceLoveBonsai

    Shohin Japanese Quince Project

    Short story, long. I received a pretty nice Japanese quince from @Stickroot over the xmas holiday. Before I go screwing that one up, I thought I'd try to work with a similar, but smaller JQ. So I recently picked up this little guy for about $7.00. I've read/researched that they can take...
  6. Andrew Robson

    White Chojubai Clump

    I really like developing young deciduous material. White chojubai is not as common as red, and its a bit harder to ramify. However, it is a stronger plant than the red chojubai. This tree was purchased with lots of problems, so a restart was required. I'm currently a full-time apprentice for...
  7. S

    Quince, when can I air layer

    I have a very large, old quince bush (about 8 ft high and 8 ft in diameter) at the border of my yard. It is a multistem (literally hundreds), very thorny and produces red flowers in very early spring but rarely yellow, tennis ball sized, fruit. I do not know the species. I would like to know...
  8. S

    Quince, when should I collect from my yard?

    A small but at least seven year old quince has been growing on the border of my yard. I do not know whether it is Japanese or Chinese or what species or variety. It was on the property when we bought our house seven years ago. I did not notice it for the first few years until I saw it...
  9. Mihai

    Yet another quince thread

    Hello nuts, found this in a pile of semi-discarded plants at the back of a nursery for about 6 dollars. What would you do with it? I'm thinking shohin, with one main trunk as it actually has some usable taper for a quince, maybe slanted/cascade... Thoughts?
  10. parhamr

    Japanese quince clump

    I recently dug up this bush from my yard. It was planted by the former homeowner in clay-heavy soil and several winters of ice storms had made a mess of this quince. I think it’s a Chaenomeles japonica because the flowers are red, the leaves are thin, it has large thorns, and the bark is...
  11. aframe

    Red Japanese Quince

    Left for dead nursery reject; over a year of TLC and an August repot; finally rewarded.
  12. Initial styling and some basic wiring

    Initial styling and some basic wiring

    Rear side
  13. Initial styling and some basic wiring

    Initial styling and some basic wiring

    Front side
  14. Chinese Quince

    Chinese Quince

    Sad story....maybe? I air layered the top off of this plant and then moved it to the corner of the garden. The air layer was spectacular. Our gardener knocked it off the shelf and did not tell me. I noticed it 4 days later and laying down in the pot......it never recovered. Here is the bottom...
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