1. A

    Gifted a Bonzai kit.. questions about flame trees.

    Hello, I am new to Bonzai and my wife bought me a kit online. 4 different species, Black Spruce, Colorado Blue, Brazilian Rosewood, and an African Flame tree… everything seems to be going splendid, but I have a question about my flame tree. Since I planted 3 seeds, two sprouted and one has...
  2. Mr.Dr.K

    Parvifolia: Rookie mistakes

    I'm new to Bonsai and currently harbor two trees. My first, a Chinease Elm which was gifted about three summers ago as a very small, young sapling. Great beginner tree as they are very tough. My 1st mistake: Initially, not learning of my species of tree; how it grows, native Habitat etc...
  3. Syedabrar

    Mugo pine from nursery stock

    Saw this mugo at the Lowes today, priced at $120. Its pricey for me, any ideas if it will be a good bonsai specimen, new to bonsai world.
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