1. bonsaiDerek

    Great trees.... did they live?

    i recently saw an interesting video on collecting yamadori. they found some great trees, but they seem to bare root almost all of them doess any know more about this video? did these trees live? or do they have some special technique to keep bare rooted conifers alive after collection...
  2. W

    Hot take: Root bound definition

    Merriam Webster defines a plant being root bound as "A tangled mess with little to no room for new growth". I agree with this definition. Because being root bound is a problem for plants, and there are signs like yellowing foliage, wilting, growth retardation, pushing the rootmass above the pot...
  3. James W.

    Mugo ROR, rock too small?

    I started this mugo pine root-over-rock in 2018. Sorted out roots in 2020 and washed it off again last weekend to check the roots. I could have waited another year to work it again. This time I am dissatisfied with the way it is going. Mainly, I think the rock is going to be too small for the...
  4. M

    Yamadori Chinese Elm

    Dug up this chinese elm from the woods in Central Florida today. Here’s the plan with it: What do y’all think?
  5. M

    Large hornbeam yamadori.

    Hi all, collected a nice thick hornbeam from my grandads place in central France, unfortunately I was forced to collect the tree then and there (mid august). I collected it withought a lot of Troy and had to pot it up in pretty terrible soil (the only soil available at the time). It stayed in...
  6. S

    New Scots Pine has needles browning... need help pls

    Dear bonsai experts, I request some help! I bought this new Scots Pine bonsai from a seller in Chino, CA (Southern Cal) a few weeks ago as a gift to a dear friend who lives in San Francisco. Unfortunately, they kept the pine indoors (gasp!) for 2 weeks after receiving it (despite clear...
  7. W

    Having your roots done..

    You go to a hair dresser to have others fix that dead beaver on your cranium. You use a lawnmower to mow a lawn. Leaving things to the professional(s) equipment is always best. Pause. I wanted to get a mail-order brid.. ehrm.. Japanese black pine into bonsai soil and out of the potting soil. It...
  8. N

    Fiscus Ginseng With Hollow Root, Help!

    Hey, I recently bought a 'Fiscus Microcarpa Ginseng' bonsai. Sadly it seems to have a hollow root(shown in picture), which I can fit an entire finger into (see attached pictures). As I am new to Ginseng plants I would love some help as to whether the hollow trunk is bad for the plant, is rot, or...
  9. Retusa root over rock

    Retusa root over rock

    ficus retusa ror root over rock
  10. Juniperus Chinensis Shimpaku:  Shimpaku Juniper

    Juniperus Chinensis Shimpaku: Shimpaku Juniper

    3 gallon nursery stock. Training about ten years. Exposed root style.
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