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  1. J

    Re-potting Juniper Advice? Tips?

    Just got a new Juniper! And I re potted it but the roots were balled pretty tight so I kissed it up as much as possible without damaging the roots. I re potted it in a larger wider bonsai pot. There is some of the roots sticking out on top is that alright? If the majority of rooting is soiled...
  2. W

    In ground root training?

    Over View - My family owns a large plot of land in central Ohio. Beech, hornbeam, oak , redbud. ERC, several pine . There are several stands of beech trees. I want to start the process of collecting several trees. With the larger trees say 2in plus thick truck. I have given several the chop a...
  3. Jr3al

    Hi Everyone I’m in love with bonsai

    So it’s been maybe 3-4 months since I found out bonsai was accessible to me like when Mr miagi gave Ralph machio his first bonsai. Full disclosure my cat leapt of a shelf didn’t quite clear the first tree I owned. Needles to say that didn’t and well. Fast forward 3 months and two good indoor...
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