sacrificial branch

  1. B

    Which branch to select as the sacrificial branch/branches

    Hello, Could somebody guide me as to which branch to select as a sacrificial branch? These two Ficus trees are two years old and it is about 1/2 inch thick at the bottom. I started pruning branches and only later came to know that in order to get the trunk thick, we have to either allow the...
  2. A

    Keeping a sacrificial branch for the winter or cut now?

    Good morning all! I have a wisteria bonsai (chinese, gonna be gorgeous and flowering either this coming year or next) that I'm training to be a semi cascade eventually. I'm brand new to bonsai, and this was actually my first tree purchase early this year! I bought it right before Texas got hit...
  3. Saddler

    How to cut off branches to get a nice heal over?

    I am looking for a resource that describes in detail how each species should have a branch cut off to get a nice smooth heal over. It seems that each species has different needs on how to make a fast smooth heal on major cuts and then the particular situation warrants a variation such as a...
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