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  1. Deep Sea Diver

    The Azalean features an article by one of our very own!

    The Journal of the Azalea Society of America, “The Azalean” just featured an article of one of our own, @Glaucus , in it’s Summer 2022 edition (vol. 44 No.2). It can be viewed at for a small fee. @Glaucus ’s article Development of New Satsuki Azalea Hybrids in Japan...
  2. Deep Sea Diver

    Evergreen Azalea Basics, including Satsuki Version 1.01

    Greetings Evergreen Azalea lovers! This article provides a solid background on Evergreen Azaleas, including Satsuki azaleas. The content is from, and credited to, the Italian Satsuki Bonsai Website and is named "Satsuki Tutorial". This is not a tutorial per se, but an article that provides a...
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