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    Sugestions for this Japanese quince?

    Ive wired them into a semi cascade earlier in the summer. Just feeling a bit reluctant, should I keep going or aim for a different style?
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    Alivation's Semi-Cascade Wisteria thread

    Good day everyone! This is going to serve as a thread for me to post my wisteria for me to track it's progress. I got it shortly after the ice storm Uri here in Texas, honestly worried it would die as it had arrived just prior to it hitting and sat in a frozen solid mail box cubicle for about...
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    Beautiful/dynamic azalea trunk- Need Styling Advice

    Potential front of tree: Using my hand to show trunk width: Potential back of tree: I'm replacing several azaleas in the front yard. I dug up and potted this beautiful azalea last weekend. The trunk is approximately 4 inches across with a lot of movement. There is an 1.5 inch tall hole in...
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