1. pandacular

    approach to building a clump from seedlings

    I have a number of Styrax japonicus seedlings that I plan to form a clump from. One of these I have had for a year now, and it has been wired out and has a few established branches; the others are essentially just long shoots, some with multiple trunks (I picked several with multiple low trunks...
  2. wrfreeman

    Starting a Styrax Japonicus (Snowbell)

    Hello! New member here. We have a Snowbell in our front landscaping that has sprouted a couple of saplings that I would like to try my hand at creating bonsai (iCloud link: I have a book by Colin Lewis that has all kinds of wonderful...
  3. faker

    Stimulus Styrax

    Starting a thread to track progress of this snowbell I tagged at Lone Pine a few months ago and picked up this weekend. I've always loved these as landscape trees, so I jumped at the opportunity when Steve told me he had some in the ground. The tree is still very rough stock that was dug this...
  4. Clorgan

    I won a Snowbell!

    Just won this Styrax Snowbell in a social media raffle, wanted to share my excitement 😁 Looks like a lovely starter to me!
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