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  1. Clicio

    Is there a "bad" Akadama being sold? Or is it a scam?

    Up to last year, Akadama was impossible to get in Brazil, as importing soil was forbidden. This year the law was revised and immediately some bonsai vendors had Akadama in two sizes (big/small) being sold in 14 litres bags. All bags from all vendors looked the same; all vendors were selling the...
  2. B.uneasy

    Bonsai soil

    I am moving pretty soon, so I am planning on going into the woods and taking about ten junipers with me in buckets. Where can i get substrate in bulk, that will suit a junipers needs. (Drains clearly, etc) They will most likely be staying in there for several years.
  3. C

    Transitional soil?

    Hi all, I have a question that I cant seem to find an answer to online or in my books. I live in zone 6b and I am just getting into conifers. I currently have a small white pine and a cypress. Im not trying to bind them yet or anything. I just want them to be happy and healthy for a year or...
  4. A

    Bonsai compendium

    Dear people! Since I've yet to encounter complete information on all kinds of bonsai soils, I've decided to make a datasheet with as much information about soils as possible. It's a bit of a mess for now, but if you would like to contribute; please send me an email! For now, you can place...
  5. Ingvill

    Substrate mix; Same for all? Species specified?

    I've been doing a lot of reading up on substrate mixes and there's one aspect of it that I'm left wondering about. It may be a really dumb question, but as a newbie I hope to get away with it :-P When you guys have decided on a substrate mix you wanna use in general, do you then; - Use it for...
  6. Josiana

    Creating a Non-Standard Mix

    I am apparently several hours from a shop that sells akadama, pumice, or lava rock. And the majority of the local shops only sell potting soil, lekaculor (clay pebbles), and orchid mix. So this is the mix I have created - 1/2 potting soil/small lecakulor mix - 1/4 perlite - 1/4 orchid mix...
  7. whomever


    Hi All I am trying to understand the ratios for substrate, In general it is 60 ,20 60 is course media ie akadama 20 is grow media is: pine bark 20 is course media is; lava rock So that means 80 would be the same type of media, so why two different media of the same type? Am I...
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