1. Dystopik

    Ground layer on BC

    I started a ground layer on a BC a few weeks ago, and I see the callus forming nicely all around the trunk but no roots. The roots bellow are still growing vigorously, and so does the tree. Any advice?
  2. Dystopik

    Crossing roots on bald cypress

    Hello! I got this bald cypress (Taxodium distichum) this January from a nursery. It was grown in a huge pot. When I remove the pot and the original soil I found a huge weird roots knot. On the one hand it expanded the base width from 10 cm to 19 cm, on the other hand I have a crossing thick...
  3. ecalvillo7

    Taxodium leaf reduction

    Hi! Does anybody have any experience or tried to reduce leaf size in taxodiums or bald cypress? I have one i can make into a shohin size, but curious if i can reduce it... and if it has, what technique have you used. Thanks!!!
  4. S

    Bonsai Bee

    Hi all, Thanks for having me! I study trees and forests but am new to the art of bonsai and found this site (loaded with great info from longtime artists) and felt it necessary I join for reasons just like this. I'm Currently living in Gainesville, FL and recently obtained a Bald Cypress...
  5. Fishtank307

    Bald cypress dying or dead

    I absolutely hate to write this post... I've had this bald cypress since last year. It was one of my favorite trees and I think I messed up pretty bad... It grew very well, had to prune it a couple of times during the growing season. Apart from a spider mite attack during spring, no problems...
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