1. Dystopik

    Crossing roots on bald cypress

    Hello! I got this bald cypress (Taxodium distichum) this January from a nursery. It was grown in a huge pot. When I remove the pot and the original soil I found a huge weird roots knot. On the one hand it expanded the base width from 10 cm to 19 cm, on the other hand I have a crossing thick...
  2. ecalvillo7

    Taxodium leaf reduction

    Hi! Does anybody have any experience or tried to reduce leaf size in taxodiums or bald cypress? I have one i can make into a shohin size, but curious if i can reduce it... and if it has, what technique have you used. Thanks!!!
  3. S

    Bonsai Bee

    Hi all, Thanks for having me! I study trees and forests but am new to the art of bonsai and found this site (loaded with great info from longtime artists) and felt it necessary I join for reasons just like this. I'm Currently living in Gainesville, FL and recently obtained a Bald Cypress...
  4. Fishtank307

    Bald cypress dying or dead

    I absolutely hate to write this post... I've had this bald cypress since last year. It was one of my favorite trees and I think I messed up pretty bad... It grew very well, had to prune it a couple of times during the growing season. Apart from a spider mite attack during spring, no problems...
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