1. W

    Shaping Juniper Bonsai

    Hi Everyone I was gifted a Juniper Bonsai back in December and I have been recently thinking about trying to shape and prune it. Right now it’s in a nursery pot and is looking quite bushy. It has one main stem that goes up then curves to the side with other branches coming off of it. Ideally...
  2. N

    Trimming Bonsai

    Watching YouTube, the best time to trim Bonsai is summer and winter. But, if Bonsai are kept indoors all the time, does the season matter when to trim? That is, if kept indoors, do Bonsai have seasons?
  3. Apex37

    First Bonsai

    First post, figured this place would be a valuable resource to learn and grow as I take on the hobby. I love forums as they always provide so much information and support. I've always been fascinated by plants and have always loved carrying for them. My mother-in-law was a HUGE green thumb, I...
  4. P

    Step by step help please!

    Hi all! I got a bonsai kit for a fun project for the family as my mother-in-law had mentioned bonsai and my husband expressed interest. It turns out I’m totally addicted to these little sprouts. I had some hiccups with about half my seeds, which I looked up solutions, retried and 2 of the 4...
  5. G

    Trimming a young Pine?

    Hey Guys, i got a question about cutting back young Pines.. I am planing to grow a pine bonsai from seed and want it to have multiple trunks. My idea was cutting it back by like Half or 2/3 in the autum, so that it would cast out new candles close to the ground the following spring. The...
  6. Yugen

    Potentilla work showcase

    Hey tree fam! I'd like to show you my potentilla. This is one years growth and trim. She's still recovering from a savage rabbit assault from last year but she's strong and resilient. 9 years old. Potentilla make for great bonsai! They are an alpine shrub that is cytokinin dominant. They...
  7. P

    Potting Nursery Juniper

    Hi All, I just potted up the nursery junipers that I've been fattening up for the past 3 years from regular soil to bonsai soil. And now I'm terrified that they'll die like my first attempt at bonsai many years ago. When I moved them I only trimmed the rootball so it would fit into the pots, I...
  8. S

    When is a sick tree “recovered” enough to trim?

    Hi, I’m about a year into my bonsai journey and am trying to figure out when is the right time to cut back my Lavendar Star tree. What I don’t know is if I should cut it back now because it is quite grown out and it’s not a deciduous tree (so I don’t think there is any issue trimming before...
  9. MrFancyPlants

    Extending growth pruning recommendations

    Does anyone have any nuggets of knowledge about the extending type tree growth like this Tsuga c. I hope I didn't screw up by trimming up my future apex this late in the year, but I think it will be fine. If you follow the thicker, bent sacrifice from the right of the photo, towards the...
  10. Elisa

    Starting from scratch

    Hi all, I've been wanting to start growing bonsai forever, and I think I'll finally be ready to do so this fall. I've done a fair bit of reading, and I'm receiving a lot of contrasting opinions - so thought I would try and collect some ideas. I'm based in the UK, so would preferably start on...
  11. M

    Juniper advice

    Just bought a juniper from homedepot today. It cost about $9. Along with 2 other plants but I will post them elsewhere. I figured it would be a good chance to practice some pruning and wiring techniques and I won't be too upset if I end up killing it or it looks terrible, but you have to start...
  12. Skrawl

    New, and need some help.

    Hi there, I've recently started my first bonsai project. I started with a small Sawara False Cypress that I picked up at a small shop outside of my hometown; I would say it's about a year old, but I'm no expert so that may not be true. I have successfully trimmed the roots and repotted the...
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