ulmus parvifolia

  1. C

    New Chinese Elm - verifying info & seeking advice

    'Tis I again, emerging from my strange little corner of the Tiny Forest to pester y'all wonderful Nuts with some questions & pictures. I recently ordered a beautiful Chinese Elm (Ulmus Parvifolia, specifically) from Kawa No Oka Bonsai to finally fill in the Chinese Elm-shaped hole in my...
  2. Julio-Rufo

    Ulmus parvifolia - Cork Bark - progression

    This Ulmus was purchased last winter and looked like this: During the last year it was pruned (the top) and pretty much left alone (water and feed). It is quite a strong tree and sprouted all over. after leaves dropped: Today after some light cleaning and minor wiring: It will be...
  3. 02.jpg


    Drastic pruning to open up the branches and get rid of the matted birds nest. Also took about 3 feet of rope like roots off and re-potted. New growth starting to come. 1st March 2020
  4. 01.jpg


    Chinese Elm begging for a re-potting. Bought January 2020
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