vine maple

  1. Sir_Nixon

    Advice for Vine Maple (Acer Circinatum)

    Hello, This is my first year as a bonsai enthusiast and the proud owner of some very cool and fun specimens. I have recently acquired a 40 year old Vine maple (Acer Circinatum) that I have some questions about the pruning and development of. The previous owner has left the branches to become...
  2. jomawa

    Technical Question - Maple, Sun or Shade?

    I've broadened the question beyond just vine maples, which I am specifically observing in nature, and thus my question. I realize the standard/common/default answer is shade and it matches what we generally see, that is vine maples grow under an evergreen forest canopy. OK I get that, but I'm...
  3. jomawa

    ???Moss Blocks Oxygen???

    Am bothered by a statement found in my bonsai researching, that moss blocks oxygen. Context of the statement specifically was "covering the soil with moss" vs leaving the soil uncovered for a free transfer of oxygen, not anything to do with moss's water holding capability. Since I am doing air...
  4. jomawa

    Need Help,Vine Maple Bonsai, Second Attempt

    Another spring is here, so I went back to the woods for larger stock this time, to basically start all over. (No more bringing back 1/8" diameter stock, wow, did I really do that? Before I knew better, uhhh, yup, I did. Oh, and no I didn't just dump all those laughably small trees, I'm keeping...
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