white oak

  1. C

    Newly collected Oak

    Good Evening! I just wanted to share this new Oak! I got this from a family members property that has three different oak species, as well as other trees. This oak was carefully dug out of the ground and placed into a fairly large training box. I really like the way the trunk bends on it. the...
  2. cornfed

    White Oak: Cornfed Edition

    Here's my White Oak, or Quercus Alba, potted on 4/24/2021. It was from a nursery where it was grown from seed in a 80% pine-bark mixture. My goal for this tree is to thicken the trunk and develop the roots by repotting it in a larger, 5-gallon Rootmaker container with a more air-retentive...
  3. P

    New to bonsai. In need of input.

    So I technically cannot even be considered “new” to bonsai since I haven’t even started anything. That being said I’d like to get he ball rolling. I’m not an experienced Gardner by any stretch but I do garden quite a bit. I’ve got a few dozen cacti, a greenhouse, lots of house plants, a few...
  4. BeebsBonsai

    White Oak repotted- full sun or shade?

    Hey fellow nuts, A coworker brought in a white oak saplig for me today and i repotted it. Had to, i know i know its not good to do this time of year, but he dug it up out of his yard and the tree was in the slimiest, thickest clay ive ever seen. I had to dig around it within the pot to...
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