winter protection

  1. J

    Winter Bonsai Care Tips

    I have a question about my Juniper in winter. So I currently have out in un heated sun room on porch and live in New Jersey(zone 7). This room is usually a couple degrees warmer then outside and gets plenty of sun. My concern is some days it’s 36-40 degrees and today it’s 79 degrees! Is this...
  2. H

    Winter Protection Methods

    Hey y’all! As winter is upon us and some are experiencing snowfalls, I thought it would be cool for everyone to show off their protection methods they use for their collection. In addition to a chance to show off your plans and collection, I think it’d be cool for some of the newer people to...
  3. Brad in GR

    Fall update + dormancy planning video

    Just sharing my recent upload that walks through what I’ve learned for dormancy preparation / protection for different trees as we trudge through winter, plus a few material updates. Most of my approach taken from you all here or evergreen gardenworks. Happy new year.
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