1. Deep Sea Diver

    Using wood to filter and purify wastewater

    Folks are finding more and more ways that trees can be valuable to human existence. In this recent study MIT engineers used pine and ginkgo (gymnosperm sapwood) xylem tissue for wastewater water filtration.... and then took the idea to India and used native trees to try it out there to good...
  2. Gottibonsai

    Suiseki progression, from daiza to exposition!

    Hi, today I want to show you guys all the trasformation of this suiseki. It is a stone I collected a year ago when I was 17, and in some months I created the Daiza. Last year I then exposed the stone at a really important international exhibition here in Italy. In this thread I will show you the...
  3. L

    Lathed Bonsai Pots

    One of my other hobbies (very new to bonsai) is wood turning. A few years ago I rough turned this bowl out of a box older that fell in the back yard. I liked it so I sealed it and never finish turned it. Sometimes it's a huge coaster for my desk, sometimes its catching cashew shells. I included...
  4. parhamr

    I built my first bench

    It's 8 feet long, 12 inches deep, and 18 inches tall. The total material cost was about $75 for this bench, and I have materials for five more benches. Some of the coming benches will be taller and twice as deep. I've intentionally put money into the lumber—select tight knot grade Western...
  5. sorce

    $0.00 "Bench"

    Found the 2x6's in the alley at work. 2x4's, some screws, and stain, from work... Some heavy hardware from a piece of furniture that was left here. And cross bracing from some old trim in the garage. An ounce or so of sweat later.... I got some 4×4's.....at work, gonna build a few...
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