1. tatersandonions

    Collected boxwoods

    Hi all, I recently dug up a couple boxwoods from a neighbors yard. Here they are after chopping and potting: After a little more pruning and sloppy wiring: Unfortunately, some of the bark was damaged digging it up. How long will it take to heal? I know boxwood branches thicken slowly so I...
  2. Josiana

    Aerial Roots On Collected Wild Cherry

    What should I do about these aerial roots on this wild cherry I collected? Like most of the collected trees here, it was covered in reindeer lichen. For now I wrapped it in sphagnum moss.
  3. Ulmus Minor

    Ulmus Minor

    European Field Elm
  4. Ulmus Procera

    Ulmus Procera

    Different view
  5. Ulmus Procera

    Ulmus Procera

    English Elm Yamadori
  6. English Elm

    English Elm

    In Training
  7. C

    Collected Mugo Pines. Help!

    So I just got two mugo pines from free Craigslist (like 5 mins ago). I know it’s the wrong time of year to be doing anything in the way of collecting/planting/potting, but the guy wanted them gone ASAP. It also happens to be 100 degrees in Michigan today (great lol). My question is, to keep...
  8. Josiana

    First Collected Tree

    Hello! This is my first collected tree, a scots pine (pinus sylvestris). I found it on the edge of a cliff. I know it is not a very nice tree, especially the taper, but I thought it would be ok for me to have as a first go at yamadori. I spent an hour cleaning off the reindeer lichen and moss...
  9. B

    A walk in the forest

    I few weeks ago I was walking through the forest. As a bonsai enthuziast I took a few pics Tree 1 It could be a beautiful literati. Can’t figure out the species. Also could be very difficult to collect. Tree 2 This fagus broke maybe in a storm and new grouth started. Its 10cm diameter at the...
  10. H

    How to collect this red oak?

    Beavers have turned this into a pretty interesting thing! Pics are a little blurry, but u just noticed tonight that this stump isn't dead. What can I do with it? Since the leaves are open, seems I should wait til they garden off to undercut it, then collect next spring before bud break? Keep the...
  11. Forest Bean

    Help? Unidentifiable Collection

    I collected this tree in the Clarksburg and Fairmont area of West Virginia. Lots of hills and mountains. I really have no clue what species it is. I have been searching all over the internet for something close to it. Lots of Beech grow where I dug it up, but I know it's not beech. The new...
  12. ParticleCollider

    Yamadori collection license in Colorado?

    Hey everyone I wanted to see if anyone had information on potential licenses or permits to collect Yamadori in the state of Colorado? maybe a seasonal collection or particular area of the state? Any information here would be much appreciated!
  13. Hartinez

    One Seed Juniper (juniperus monosperma) Styling

    I collected this One Seed Juniper outside Santa Fe, NM Last spring. Pushed quite a bit of growth (juvenile) all last summer and has begun to extend with mature growth at the tips this season. Ive been practicing for about 7 years now and have quite a few trees I'm quite proud of, though...
  14. T

    Best trees to collect in Georgia

    Hey guys, I'm new to collecting trees, and bonsai in general. I'm wondering what species of tree I should be on the look out for in Georgia, more specifically about 30 miles south of Atlanta. My family has a few hundred acres of cow pastures, so there are open pastures, a few streams and a small...
  15. Gsquared

    "Urban Yamadori" Berberis

    A church near me was ripping out a parking lot and this big berberis was over on the cast off debris pile. It had been mostly covered in dirt, but I wrapped it in plastic and took it home. The few roots that were left looked fairly strong, so I potted it up an am keeping my fingers crossed that...
  16. fviljoen963

    Roadside elm..

    It was growing way more upright and had burnt back a few times The plan is for a semi cascade and a very hollow spooky looking trunk. I havent quite figured out the details yet.. I'm open minded to suggestions unless you're going to suggest I make it into a sumo shohin HAHAHA Oh and the tree...
  17. R

    Large European Hornbeam yamadori no.1 - advice is welcome

    This is the first tree from this thread: https://www.bonsainut.com/threads/2-european-hornbeams-almost-flawless-yamadori-material.27054/ The tree grew pretty intensely throughout the season - many new branches, roots are sticking from the bottom of the container. Still I plan to keep it in this...
  18. jriddell88

    Southwestern white pine; strobiformis

    Collected by Alvaro in 2016 . Seemed to be vigorous pushing buds has a pot full of fine rootage , so we smashed it down , rootball will be looked at in the spring and .......... Let it grow
  19. pyro gaz

    yamadori collection

    hi so who on here is lucky enough to collect yamadori? i mailed my contact at the local council and asked if it would be ok if i was to collect, he said it wasnt something they could licence so i should be careful...im happy with that! theres lots of scots pines, birch,larch and a few oak...
  20. Saddler

    Picea Glauca Yamadori test tree.

    I was up north last week transporting an RV back to Vancouver and wanted to collect a few yamadori in various places along the back to test the conditions they were growing in for a future collecting excursion. I found one place that had some amazing trees. Dozens and dozens of trees worth...
  21. PiñonJ

    White Fir (Abies concolor) fall collection

    Collected this Abies concolor last weekend. I had seen it in the spring and passed it up because the buds were already opened. Here's the current front. Here's the right side. Something killed the top and everything on this side. There was new growth on that side in the spring, which was...
  22. cole morton

    Collection Rules on Vacocouver Island (BC)

    I am new to Bonsai, and am very interested in collecting specimens from the wild (Along highways, in parks .etc). However I am having an extremely difficult time finding anything about the regulations surrounding recreational plant collection. Does anyone know of general rules/where to find...
  23. palagaban

    interesting yamadori experiment

    Hi bonsainuters so i was able to collect an old lonicera yamadori 2 weeks ago... due to the place i dug the tree i was able to collect very little to next than nothing of the roots... i had little hopes of the survival rate for this old tree but i did not gave up... i followed the european...
  24. R

    2 European Hornbeams - almost flawless yamadori material

    I have collected these 2 european hornbeams (Carpinus Betulus I believe) few weeks ago. They are both large trees - the larger one almost 1m, the smaller one about 75cm. As you can see they have almost everything one can hope to get: perfect nebari, taper, trunk movement, ... The funny thing was...
  25. alefito

    Anyone of Houston, Texas?

    I'm looking bonsai hunters in Houston or South Houston Texas. To share experiences, training, yamadori (collecting trees), etc.