1. Damart81

    Advice on how to travel with a newly collected yamadori bonsai while out of town

    I recently collected a bald cypress that is around 4ft tall with a chop, this was collected while I am currently out of town visiting a friend's property. I am not heading back home for another two weeks, but will be transporting the tree in my car. Due to space issues, I will have to lay it on...
  2. SmallTreeGuy

    Elm collection. Root pruning necessary a few seasons ahead?

    Hello, all! On Thanksgiving day at my parents’ place we went for a walk through their woods and I saw this curved elm amidst the forest of straight trunks. I love the sweeping curve so I am considering it for collection. Now onto the questions lol. Should I root prune some and wait a couple...
  3. M

    Yamadori Collection

    Hello - I am wanting to collect from more mountainous regions. I have collected and had a successful rate thus far. My question is related to collecting from rock pockets. What are the best ways to do so? It appears as if you would need a pry bar and small hand tools to remove. When do you know...
  4. M

    Sierra juniper yamadori questions: pumice size, hormone/fertilizer, etc

    I am collecting Sierra Juniper at 8k+ feet (and coming back to Oakland, Bay Area) and have some questions I've been unable to find specific answers for despite looking in Nick Lenz's book, forums on this site, youtube, etc. Lenz's book speaks on the differences between ground, field, and rocky...
  5. BenBSeattle

    Sharing another Yamadori Trip in Washington

    Just sharing another yamadori trip. I was able to collect some Juniperus Communis. Which I hear does not adjust well but we'll see. Anyone else have success with it?
  6. BenBSeattle

    Tour with Tom Vuong and his Yamadori Junipers

    I had a great meeting with Tom Vuong. He shared his amazing collection of yamadori Junipers. Such a genuinely nice guy and very generous with his knowledge.
  7. S

    Looking for J'inspiration

    Hey nuts! I have recently gotten my hands on my new favorite tree, a larch yamadori! Said tree is early in development, and there is one feature on the back that I am entirely unsure how to attack. I've created jins before, but never with a stump of this magnitude. Just wondering if you guys...
  8. K

    Looking for help identifying this Yamadori

    I collected this maple tree earlier this year in Michigan about 1/2 a mile from Lake Michigan in a large forest. It was definitely not planted by people and neither was anything remotely near it. My best guess is that it would be an Amur maple but honestly it’s leaves resemble a sienna glen...
  9. LuZiKui

    Olive tree Landscape-adori

    My neighborhood has a path around it with landscaping that is maintained by the HOA. We have probably 50 olive trees lining the street into the neighborhood. When the olive trees fruit, the crows like to eat them, then they drop olive seeds all over the neighborhood. I was walking the path and...
  10. L

    Lorax7 Ponderosa Pine #2 progression

    Approximately 20-year old Ponderosa Pine collected in South Dakota by Andy Smith (Golden Arrow Bonsai), April 2022. Received and potted in 100% pumice.
  11. Kanorin

    5yr Native Tree Challenge: Kanorin's Amelanchier arborea (downy serviceberry)

    I collected this tree in the Ozark "mountains" this winter (February 2022). Didn't know the species at first, but it had a great base and really neat craggy bark down at the bottom. Here is a picture with the roots as I was potting up in Feb. Got some really strong growth so far - May 2022
  12. M

    Native Yamadori in the Catskills

    Brand new with (almost) zero knowledge bonsai lover here 🙋‍♀️ I’ve identified quite a few potential yamadori’s on top of the wooded mountain where I own a parcel of land, and now need advice on what to prepare before extracting and potting. The only thing I know is I need a large pot and that I...
  13. W

    Collecting Juniper Yamadori - First time lessons learned/tips?

    About a week ago, I went on my first Juniper Yamadori collecting trip and brought home two fine specimens which I'm praying to the gods, will survive. This was an extremely fun and memorable experience for me, but I feel no amount of reading would have probably fully prepared me for what I was...
  14. Fishtank307

    Yamadori needle juniper

    I want to start sharing the progression of this large yamadori Tosho. I got it last year (for free!), from someone who bought it about 7 years, styled it, but then quit the hobby all together. She wanted this tree to be in good hands, rather than letting it die in her garden. When I got it, the...
  15. pstaboche

    American hornbeam collecting advice

    So I’m about 2 years into practicing bonsai and I’ve gotten the itch to collect some yamadori specimens. I have the chance to collect somewhere that has a bunch of American hornbeams and wanted to ask for advice. I found one in particular that seems really interesting. It’s a fairly large...
  16. Alvaro

    What kind of pine tree is this?

    I wasn’t sure where to put this post I’ts my first time posting here. I need some help here, a friend gave me this tree that collected and I want to know what kind of tree it is, from what I read and the description I found in this article, it is a Limber pine -“This species of conifer can have...
  17. Koenye

    Will this beauty survive !?

    Hi all, This weekend, again I had the chance to dig out this amazing tree. Unfortunately while lifting the tree out of the ground, a lot of The roots just fell off. I made it wet and placed it in a big training pot with akadama, some vulcastrat and moss. for now it just has to rest for at...
  18. CapeCodBonsai1

    Yamadori Hunts In New England?

    Hello everyone, new to bonsai nut forum. I am wondering if anybody in the New England area are planning Yamadori hunts this spring. Preferably with permission from land owners. Hoping to find my first Larch. I would love to join you or your group!
  19. FinnLakk

    Beech hedge, 60+ years old

    So I have the opportunity to collect as many of these European beeches as I like, they've been growing here for 60+ years. There's a couple in there with interesting trunks that would be worth having. However the problem comes as they need to be out of there by October and obviously the best...
  20. A

    Yamadori Beech

    Just collected this yamadori beech. Really easy collect and tons of small fine roots. Kind of in doubt of how i should prune and style this? Any advise? :)
  21. Deep Sea Diver

    Yamadori Mt Hemlock (Tsuga mertensiana) No. 2 The Circular Raft… or is it The Clump?

    This is the second high alpine yamadori Mt Hemlock we acquired today. It‘s ”subtrunks” seem to emanate from one central trunk. Will need some excavation to confirm this WAG. The tallest tree is about 35” and the entire group comes up at an angle. Looks like it was growing on a mountain side...
  22. Deep Sea Diver

    Yamadori Mt Hemlock (Tsuga mertensiana) No. 1 The Twins

    Made a connection to acquire two Mt Hemlock groups. Both dug in the alpine areas somewhere outside Mt. Rainer park boundaries. Here’s the first, more straightforward project. (The other is more complex.) Two trunks and at least one seedling together. Height of the tallest twin 41”. Any...
  23. M

    Chinese Elm vs Drake Elm?

    Hello all, I live in central Florida and throughout my years living here, I’ve noticed an abundance of Chinese elm trees in landscapes and in the wild. The trees have the orange flaky iconic bark that Chinese elms possess and the small leathery elm leaves. The trees max out at about 30 feet...
  24. L

    Lorax7 Ponderosa Pine #1 progression

    Andy Smith collected in spring 2020. Bought it through Ken’s World of Bonsai (2021). Haven’t done anything to it yet. Planning to graft foliage in spring 2022:
  25. M

    Large hornbeam yamadori.

    Hi all, collected a nice thick hornbeam from my grandads place in central France, unfortunately I was forced to collect the tree then and there (mid august). I collected it withought a lot of Troy and had to pot it up in pretty terrible soil (the only soil available at the time). It stayed in...
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