1. Mark Landry

    Can I collect Spruce Yamadori in the Fall?

    Hi all, Found an amazing Engelmann Spruce in the Rocky Mountains. I've done 100% of my collecting in the spring, but wondering your thoughts on collecting in the Fall. Everything I've read so far says it's OK as long as precautions are taken for wintering it. Also, about 90% of this tree's roots...
  2. F

    Large Azalea Yamadori. Need advice.

    Hello everyone, Seeking advice on the best time of year and and any general best practices when collecting Azalea Yamadori. The research I have done online is giving me mixed singals on the best time to transplant or collect Azaleas and figured it would be in my best interest to consult with...
  3. J

    Time Sensitive Collecting

    Hello everyone, I have been developing bonsai for a few years now but only with nursery stock, no yamadori, collecting... Now my aunt's house has gotten quite overgrown the last few years and while looking over the property I noticed a few good candidates for collection. The issue is that this...
  4. mudvein

    Yamadori Western Juniper WIP

    I collected this Juniper from a cutting job I was on last year. Suggestions welcomed for design ideas. Planning on the first wiring next year to give this a full 2 year recovery period from collection. My initial thoughts are to lean it for a repot angle change and wire it into a wind inspired...
  5. D

    Juniper “Yard”Dori substrate ?

    Hey guys Wanna dig out a normal Juniper in a yard. What is a great substitute for Pumice for a collected juniper ? Or any other substrate people have been successful with?🤩 Thanks guys
  6. H

    Suggestions for a huge bottle brush tree

    I recently collected this tree from someone’s yard. It is huge, almost five feet tall from the ground up. I’m going to leave it for a while in the hope it survivors. Depending on where I get bud back, I’d like to either keep it the same height or cut off the top, as in the red line in the pic...
  7. D

    8-9 feet live oak yamadori, need styling thoughts and inputs.

    Hello Everyone. Live from Zone 8a (Dallas, TX) Someone wanted to get rid of live oak on Craigslist so I dug it up from their yard. It is about 8-9 feet tall from root stock to tip. I loved the trunk and how mature it appears. Pre yamadori condition- I felt the tree wasn't thriving very well...
  8. alex_m

    Pinus Peuce Yamadori from Bulgaria. Is is worth the try?

    Hello everyone! Since snow is gone and it is times of isolation and social distancing, I spend most of my time in the mountains back home in Bulgaria, discovering new trails and wandering around magical century old pine forests. There are so many gorgeous little trees.. Just a couple of days...
  9. J

    Bald Cypress Yamadori

    I would like a true yamadori bald cypress. Something that is truly ancient. I can either pay or trade California Juniper yamadori.
  10. Yugen

    Longevity of a compact branch: back buds and limits?

    I've come to a wall in my understanding of how, in the long run, to have a branch with compact foliage. By compact foliage I don't mean ramification, per say. I'm referring to having foliage on a branch that is closer to the trunk of the tree as opposed to growth near the tips of branches. I...
  11. mwar15

    Western Junipers

    I have 3 western junipers that I am not in love with. Some may call them “Yamadori” but I don’t know if they are worth calling them that. They are all 3-5 years from collection. I will see if there is any interest here then off to FB. They will be $20 to ship each. I’ll take JWP or known...
  12. Catclow

    Purple Beech Yamadori

    I have had my eye on these for months since they first popped up in a drainage ditch at the edge of the woods near my home. I think they are purple beech, but please advise if I’m wrong. They are my first [actual] attempt at yamadori (though I have dreamed and plotted many others over the last...
  13. jbogard

    First time collecting oneseed juniper

    I went out scouting for Ashe juniper earlier this week and to my surprise I ran across a stand of oneseed junipers! This is in Taylor county, Texas. East of where I though their range extended. The foliage and bark was different and every berry I examined only has one seed. Give me your opinion...
  14. jbogard

    Escarpment live oak #2 (Quercus fusiformis)

    I’ve read that oaks tend to shoot it long tap roots with very few lateral roots near the base. Luckily for me the Buckley oaks, Blackjack oaks and the two live oaks I have collected have had quite a bit of feeder roots. This one has lots of potential. It’ll take years to get it into a bonsai...
  15. jbogard

    My first collected Quercus fusiformis (escarpment live oak)

    Hey guys. Just wanted to document my first attempt at collecting escarpment live oak. Collection site is southwest of Abilene Texas. The tree was growing in old growth oak and juniper forest. Quercus buckleyi is the predominant oak but there are a few live oak in the area. I think it shows nice...
  16. S

    Comunnis yamadori

    Hi everyone I'd like to collect part of this tree, but since its massive and the vegetation is far away from the base I thought I could graft it this season with some ito/kishu cuttings iv got ,and then, next year, try some air layering or root grafting The red lines are live veins while the...
  17. MaineBonsaiEnthusiast

    Giant American Beech yamadori

    Hey Everyone, I pulled this monster out yesterday and I'm looking for advice. I wasn't able to collect as many roots as I had hoped so I'm curious what you would do moving forward. Biggest questions are whether I should tent it, and should I reduce any of the small/less significant branching...
  18. jbogard

    Another collected Ashe juniper

    Just wanted to post another tree I recently collected. This is an Ashe juniper that was growing on a southern embankment.
  19. Storm87

    Any experience using 'sweating techniques' indoors for i.a. Hawthorns?

    Hi all, Yesterday I collected a Hawthorn (picture will follow). Anyone has experience with the so called 'sweating technique' (by Tony Tickle) used indoors? Why I ask? I like to try it, however there will be only rain en clouds the coming weeks and sun is required to my understanding to heat...
  20. jbogard

    Texas Juniper Yamadori

    So I’ve been doing some collecting this year and I have found some nice Ashe junipers that I have my eye on. I have gotten a few out and can hopefully get a couple more into pots before the collecting season is over. Here are a couple I plan to eventually collect. Let me know which ones you...
  21. jbogard

    Escarpment live oak 2020

    I know there are a few nice escarpment live oaks in the bonsai world and I hope I can bring another nice tree into the mix. This tree is growing in a rough arid landscape with lots of juniper and red oak. These struggles have resulted in the live oaks in this area having smaller leaves...
  22. jbogard

    Would you say this trunk is twisted?

    Potential yamadori subjects. I’m after twisted trunks and I am wondering if you all think either of these trees would qualify as twisted trunks.
  23. fucious70

    Yamadori (Urbandori) Pine

    I live in Southern California. I was fortunate to come across an add of a person asking if anyone wanted the pine in the picture for free. I jumped on the opportunity to practice. First, does anyone know what type of pine this is? Second, please any direction on how to do this properly is...
  24. jbogard

    Collected Shohin sized Ashe juniper

    I’m not usually one for the smaller bonsai but when I saw this small tree while out scouting I had to have it! There’s lots of small juniper out where I collected this but very few with the great deadwood and character that this one has. Combine that with the movement it possesses and I think we...
  25. Wizeeerrrddd

    Big Forsythia Yamadori

    Here's a forsythia I dug up late autumn last year. It was a twin trunk but only one of them had good movement so the other was removed after the leaves fell. The roots where checked last weekend as I still had to remove one of the huge tap roots. I didn't have enough time when I initially dug...
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