1. Maros

    Maros Bonsai YouTube Channel

    I just tied to join the ranks of BonsaiNut Youtubers. Filmed, edited, and published my first attempt. I would be glad if you find time to watch it and hopefully, someone will find parts of it useful. My new video is dedicated to the aftercare of yamadori trees for bonsai, by using the Black bag...
  2. Huggz13

    YouTube, Websites, and Suppliers Recommendations Needed

    I need some recommendations please... I’m subscribed to Ryan’s, Bjorn’s, and Peter Chan’s channels. However most of their content is more advanced. I subscribed to @KleinM channel that I saw after doing a thread search, so feel free to plug your channel or website if you have one. I’m...
  3. Apex37

    Bonsai Releaf - Japanese Larch

    Just wanted to share the latest video by Bonsai Releaf. This guy has some of the best bonsai videos I've ever seen. Between his vision, the editing, and the music selection, it inspires me to want to work on my trees and learn more. My only wish was that he had more videos, but with the editing...
  4. KleinM

    I started a YouTube channel

    Hi all! I started a YouTube channel in September called Klein Bonsai. I decided to make YouTube videos for three reasons. One: To document my trees and see their progress as they (and myself) grow in the coming years and 2: All the bonsai YouTube channels are from the Northern hemisphere and it...
  5. rollwithak

    Youtube Curiosity -

    Hey All, Through many many many hours watching YouTube and studying, I've began to wonder if any of our members here are any of the YouTube personalities and/or teachers? Do any of our members have YouTube pages? Any Peter Chans out there? 🤣😂 Also, to make this more worthwhile than a simple...
  6. ConorDash

    Ryan Neil - Art of Shaping a Bonsai Tree - Nat Geo

    No matter your opinion on the guy, I don’t think anyone could disagree with the guy. Nice video, but mainly the audio is lovely to listen to. Being done by Nat Geo, that’s a pretty big deal so it was gonna be good any way. (This is not instructional or a guide)
  7. R

    Bonsai Archives Need Video Donations

    For a number of years, our website has offered at no charge to archive text which is believed to be of value to our fellow enthusiasts. Please see . We are now ready for the next step: archiving videos of value to the bonsai community. A YouTube...
  8. Cypress187

    Youtube Bonsai Channels/Video's/Playlists

    Here is a collection of Youtube channels,playlists and video's I've collected, sorted on updates and quality for you! You can comment recommendations so I can add them, or give this resource a review. [Video's] Styling Juniper: Peter Warren - Ian's Juniper Juniper: Peter Warren - Phil's...
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