1. ConorDash

    Ryan Neil - Art of Shaping a Bonsai Tree - Nat Geo

    No matter your opinion on the guy, I don’t think anyone could disagree with the guy. Nice video, but mainly the audio is lovely to listen to. Being done by Nat Geo, that’s a pretty big deal so it was gonna be good any way. (This is not instructional or a guide)
  2. R

    Bonsai Archives Need Video Donations

    For a number of years, our website has offered at no charge to archive text which is believed to be of value to our fellow enthusiasts. Please see . We are now ready for the next step: archiving videos of value to the bonsai community. A YouTube...
  3. Cypress187

    Youtube Bonsai Channels/Video's/Playlists

    Here is a collection of Youtube channels,playlists and video's I've collected, sorted on updates and quality for you! You can comment recommendations so I can add them, or give this resource a review. [Video's] Styling Juniper: Peter Warren - Ian's Juniper Juniper: Peter Warren - Phil's...
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