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Robert J. Baran

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Colorado Springs
For a number of years, our website has offered at no charge to archive text which is believed to be of value to our fellow enthusiasts. Please see .

We are now ready for the next step: archiving videos of value to the bonsai community. A YouTube channel – MagiMiniLand – has been set up for this and now all we need are your digital donations. If you have old personal video records of your teachers, club events, meetings, conventions, etc. which are copyright-free, we will upload and save these for you and the bonsai community at no charge for either archiving or accessing. We prefer to have actual moving images rather than slide shows. Full credit will be given and the more background details you can supply the better. Reasonable sound quality is preferred – again, if music is included it should be copyright-free, either in the public domain or custom-composed.

At this time we are not equipped to transfer the 8 mm, 16 mm, betamax, vhs, and other formats these historical videos are in to DVD for uploading. So your donations will have to be in DVD format sent to us via email or snail-mail. At some future time we hope to be able to provide the transfer service also.

Contact us for additional details, Please note that we already have links to a number of existing YouTube and other videos of our teachers here .

Thank-you very much for your assistance in archiving our history. (And a special thanks to Alejandro G. Bedini for suggesting we take this step.)

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