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Here's my other amur maple forest. It's in a pot that is too small. I was thinking about this one, but it looks a bit too small also...Virts anyone?

Yeah, I know the forest is a mess. It needs some re-tooling, the trees are pretty old. Got all of them from a club sale some time ago.


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Nice forest - i really like that second pot you are thinking about using.

I'm not an expert on forests, but it seems like one edit you might consider is adding a smaller tree or two on the right. Either that, or if it's feasible and doesn't screw things up too much, maybe rotate the two trees on the right 180 degrees such that the smaller tree is on the right and put that group closer to the left group? To my eye, it seems like there is a transition issue going from the left side (which starts with smaller trees) and ending with sort of a void on the right.

*Edit* Re-reading your post, I wasn't sure if you were interested in virts for the composition itself or just a new pot.
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The composition is pretty well cemented together in its root mass. The composition is original to when I got it. It has remained that way for a decade--I couldn't separate the root mass without serious compromising the tree (s). Some of them -- the smaller tree in the back for instance--could go.

Thing is, one of the most interesting features--which the snow obscures, is the righ hand larger tree has a surface root mass running towards the other large tree. Rotating it would lose the feature and expose that tree's ugly trunk line--it leans toward the viewer now so it's not as noticeable.
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