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B-Nut had a good point when he said in another thread,

I would prefer if people wrote threads titled "How to be a great poster and build a better site and community".

To start the ball rolling, let me offer a thought or two.

Please, please remember that the typewritten word cannot convey everything conveyed in face-to-face conversation. Tone of voice, facial expression, body language -- non-verbal factors -- together carry more than 50% of human communication. (Some experts say more than 90%.) All the non-verbal is lost in a forum setting.
So please, give every one else the benefit of any honest doubt. If you truly wonder how someone meant something, ask them in a PM. And when you are posting, stop and give some thought as to how your post may come across. A poor choice of words could give an impression you don't intend at all.

OK, I've written enough for now. It's someone else's turn.
I have one.

If you do get emotional when writing a response, do not post it for a little while. Read it, get up and get a drink or walk around a bit and then think if you really want to say what you wrote.

If perchance you do post something rude or over the top, don't be too proud to use the delete function. Even if you don't intend it rude but it is perceived to be rude by the readers.

Heck why not even consider an apology. (crazy idea I know)
Learn how to use the PM-system. Threads that start with "Hey John Doe" aren't very likely to interest anyone else than the original poster and John Doe.

Name the threads properly so that the ones not interested in what you had for dinner don't have to click on it just to see what it's about.

Don't adress the crap. If someone is an obvious arse there's no need to point that out to the general public with an average IQ, most of us can tell for ourselves.
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