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Hey gang, boon has 2 new training videos coming out soon! I was lucky to recieve them early because I bought his other videos.

The new videos
FIRST VIDEO- Wiring & Styling Techniques: Japanese Black Pine (2 DVD set)
DISK 1 is divided into two chapters:
Chapter I: "Tree in Training." Before wiring, Boon starts his work by styling this tree in training by showing both heavy and light pruning, as well as needle pulling. Boon then demonstrates how to properly use wiring to reshape and control the tree's growth. Throughout this section Boon shares many helpful bonsai tips and tricks.

Chapter II: "Refined Tree." This chapter condenses four hours of Boons work on a 50-year-old, show-quality tree into a 46-minute presentation. Boon goes into detail about how wiring will benefit your bonsai.

DISK 2 is a special DVD called, "The Essentials."
This DVD is devoted to teaching you six, basic bonsai wiring techniques. It even includes one chapter on how to safely unwire. Boon demonstrates these techniques on bare maple branches so you can easily see his method. Each technique is shown in a separate chapter, allowing you to easily reference them at any time. (34-minutes total running time.)

SECOND VIDEO- Fall Maintenance: Japanese Black Pines
On this DVD, Boon demonstrates needle-pulling, pruning and the cleanup of two Japanese Black Pines in Fall, prepping them for the upcoming growing season. These techniques allow sunlight and air into a tree’s interior, promoting new growth and stimulating back-budding; key to creating professional, show-quality bonsai. Using these methods, you can learn how to control next season’s growth.

I watched all 3 videos & they are GREAT! Boon is a awesome teacher, he makes it easy to follow his techniques. HIGHLY RECOMENDED!!!
The new videos should be on Boons site by the end of June
Heres a link to Boons site
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Not listed on the website yet.
Hi irene, the email I got said it would be on the site at the end of June. I was able to get advanced copies because I bought Boons other videos, which btw are awesome too.
Hi irene, the email I got said it would be on the site at the end of June. I was able to get advanced copies because I bought Boons other videos, which btw are awesome too.
I also have the other video's....
Email Boon and ask him to do one on Junipers!!!! Or even any of our local masters. They work on them all of the time because most of us are holding off on grafting... But I'm afraid a video of this will only come from youtube...

Give the videos a chance, there worth the money. A 50 year old tree is young compared to what he could show that he works on. Besides the fact that some of his younger tree's look so much older from his techniques.

I'm glad that we are reaching out with videos to the people that don't have the chance to spend time at work shops. I find alot of work shops are during a weekday that I need to work to pay for my hobby.

The learning media has changed but the teachers still teach;-)
I bought Boon's first two videos and thought that they were a very worthwhile investment. You can get a lot more out of watching them than from the Stone Lantern book in my opinion. I'm looking forward to the two new ones that he is rolling out as well as any future series.

Having had a chance to take a repotting workshop with Boon last year, I also wanted to point out that he is a really nice guy, down to earth, very friendly and loves to teach. He stayed a little longer at the workshop to teach me juniper techniques on the tree that I brought in to be repotted. The fact that he is one of the good guys makes me have no reservations about doing business with him.
So excited about these new videos, Boon is the man!
I just watched the one on needle pulling and it is very well done.

I second wanting the Juniper videos. Boon, if you see this I vote for a video on how you care for your junipers :D I plan on buying the pine videos soon!
thanx for the heads up. I just purchased the repotting and decandling vids and was sent the link for the new videos and put an order in for that combo as well. I look fwd to some video tutorials with boon.
Theres nothing like seeing a technique done right in front of your eyes, i'm not knocking books but, watching it done, especially by Boon, things make a lot more sense. Boon is an awesome teacher!
The only downfall is, Boons trees makes me wanna burn mine!:)
I watched Boon's candling video this morning in preparation for work on my JBPs. I have to say that his videos are worth every penny. The Stone Lantern book and the Steve Pilacik book in my opinion are pretty confusing, while Boon clearly explains and shows what needs to be done. If you're looking for one source on JBP care, I'd highly recommend taking a look at Boon's videos.
Thank you every one for your support.
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