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Rescue, CA
I've got a big Sierra juniper I collected in 2008. Last week I was working on it reducing some of the jin and out popped an ugly borer grub. I don't see holes anywhere near the live wood but I need to evict those buggers. Anyone have experience with this that can offer a solution?

I soil drench with aciphate /water mix and inject in to any small holes I see with a syrenge.
Can't see any differance with species, but in Nick Lenz book he says to bag the tree(larch) and spray in an unhealthy concoction of bug spray and close the bag up for a day.

One other thing that comes to mind is something we in the US don't like to do, that many around the world do on a regular basis, and that is to get a brass brush, and remove the flaky bark and look around for the holes. Then inject the holes to get the little buggers. Also give the tree an artificial rainstorm - garden hose - then watch for sawdust to be pushed out, they like to clean house after a rain.
Bayer (as in the company that makes aspirin) Advanced for tree and shrub is a drench with "Merit" a 12 month systemic that gives protection against borers among a long list of pests on the label. I've used it for scale and now I'm thinking I want to use it as a prophylactic against a host of other problems, too. It's available @ most home improvement stores as well as nurseries. The smallest quantity I could find was a quart and it should last me a lifetime:eek:
Thanks Greg, bought some yesterday. Hope it works.
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