Bosnian Pine- Part 2


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Orem, UT
This past weekend I pulled the tree from it's pot to put some gravel in the bottom for drainage, since it has been growing in solid mud. To begin with, the soil level was already a few inches below the top of the pot meaning it weas only growing in about 8-9 inches of soil in the 7 gallon container. Not bad for a tree that size I thought. Then when I pulled it out, this is what it had for a rootball! Not a great picture though, sorry.
Bosnian pine 002.jpg
I haven't trimmed or cut anything, just rinsed it a little bit.

Do not work it like a Black Pine....It will kill it....
Thanks Irene,
I haven't been able to find much about training them.
The closest thing I've found is a brief mention in this paragraph from an article by Douglas K Hawley M.D. of the Mid-America Bonsai Alliance:
"Among the two and three needle pines, there is a fairly wide variation in the response to needle reduction and pruning techniques. With some, such as Pinus thunbergiana (Japanese Black Pine) Pinus rigida (Pitch pine), and Pinus virginiana (Scrub pine), marked needle reduction and multiple generations of stimulated new growth can occur in a single season in response to pruning and pinching. In contrast, others, such as Pinus ponderosa, Pinus nigra (Austrian Black pine) and pinus leucodermis (Bosnian pine) simply stop their growth until next season in response to pinching."

As far as gneral info, i have found inconsistencies. Wikipedia lists it's hardiness as being able to tolerate -45 degrees C., putting it barely in zone 2. Colorado State University extension says it's a zone 3, North Carolina State says zone 6-8, Michigan State says 4-6, Monrovia says 4-8, etc. Watering, soil needs seem to be kind of accross the board too.

This must be why I haven't found much bonsai info on them, they're not a great candidate for bonsai I guess. I'm not giving up quite yet though. I'll see what I can do with it. I'm only 33, so I've got time on my side
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