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Riverside, CA
It is one of grafted cork pines given to me by my teacher, Mr. Ota. He grafted it on JBP 10 years ago and let it be in 1 gallon pot since then. 2 months ago, he asked me if I wanted to give it a try. Of course, I took it. I really like its movement. I transplanted it on 5/2/09 to the colander filled with pumice and turface ratio 1:1. It will receive lot of fertilizer to build up the stregth for now. Its long trunk has one part without the branch at all. I'm thinking to have a graft in this area to have more branches or it will be pruned off. What do you think? Bonhe


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I don't know about that strait section going out toward the end. I might cut that off and grow the middle out to the new tree.

Looks like you might have needlecast fungus with those browning needle tips. I noticed you are in riverside, LA basin? High humidity, Fog?
I don't think it has needle cast because I didn't see brown bands with yellow margins on those needle. Another thing, if it had needle cast, the last year needles must become completely brown by now. It might be due to lack of water or soil problem in the past.

My area has hot dry wind in the summer and cool at night, like desert doesn't it? Thanks for your thought. Bonhe

I think that you just might want to water your pine more. Pines like it dry but they need water just like any other plant. ;)

As for the design, It looks like you've got good low branching. I would grow the long branch out as a sacrifice for the trunk and keep the lower branches compact and start branch formation/ramification. Are you looking for this one to be a large trunked specimen or a medium sized bonsai?

Hi David, thanks for your thought. My teacher ignored this tree for a while, since it stayed in one of the corners of his yard. That's why it looks sick.
I just want it to become a medium bonsai. Bonhe
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Bonhe, I really like where your tree is going. I think that, with a few years and some light training, this will be a very pretty tree! This will make a good medium bonsai, I think.

BTW, do you know the exact name of the cultivar?
Thanks again David.
I have to ask my teacher next Saturday about its name. He used to tell me that there were 2 types of cork pine: one with very rough, big bark - tree will look like there are wings; one with rough small bark. The one I have it seems to be a later one. Bonhe
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