Cryptomeria japonica - what to do?


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Today I purchased a Japanese cedar for $3. That's right, $3. The pictures are below.

As you can see it looks much like a curly stick in a pot with all the green at the top. The height from the first major root I uncovered to the first rea limb is 25 1/2". The trunk at that root, assuming that will be the nebari, is 1" wide.

I have read thaat these trees back-bud easily, but I'm not sure whether that means from the trunk as well. As you caan see the trunk has a "semi"-maturity about it that would suggest there are few if any adventitious buds on the lower part.

I am considering plnting in the ground or in a 20 gallon nursery can and performing a serious truk chop just above the topmost curve.

If you've got experience with this species how about giving me all the advice youcan on whether this is a good idea or not.

What you see is what you get when you pay$3. This tree came from a state operated institute for the menatlly handicapped and they do a great job for those folks and sell their plants fairly cheap. I don't really understand why they decided to prune off all the lower limbs, but it had been done to every one of these trees. I chose this one as an experiment because I liked the trunk movement.

Unfortunately the tree suffered for 3 hours in my car and the sun cooked most of the tender young foliage, which I have trimmed back.

But, back to the question. I think I'm looking for the answer to "will this tree bud back along the trunk like some pines do if it is topped out?"

I'm not in a real hurry, just tyring to decide where in my yard I'm going to place it - in my growing area or in a more permanent area for the rest of its life. If this species buds back along the trunk easily I want to eventually use it for bonsai. If not, then into a good place in the landscape it goes!

One suggestion has been to consider making it into a literati style.

If not, what would you do?

Thanks for viewing.


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Ptown oregon
why are the pictures so small???

To answer your question - yes cryptomeria will bud bad all over the trunk - ever more mature specimen will do so. good luck with it.



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Thanks Buddhamonk!

I've benn trying to figure out the answer to your question. Answer: Don't know. Something I've done I'm sure. Inexperience.
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