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Recently purchased this juniper healthy tree, looking for design ideas, any and all suggestions would be appreciated


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Hello Greg,

It's kind of hard to come up with a decent design (or if it's even possible, maybe perhaps some kind of literati or bunjin) but your Juniper its too young and might not have the potential need it to become a good bonsai material.

I was on the same boat sometime ago, until I decide stop buying "sticks on a pot" and moved on to the 5 & 10 gallon material from a local nursery. You will have many more options with this kind of material, bigger truck, thicker foliage, more branches, many more possibilities.

What I would do is to put it on the ground and forget about it for a couple of years, let it fatten up some more, save the pot for a little mame or shohin and get some bigger material.

Also this seems like a little "mallsai" (bonsai's from the mall) I don't think I has many chances of survival if you left it on that soil.

I have a couple really good materials that I haven't touch, since I'm still learning all this bonsai world, but the 5 gallon material its being great for training and practice and you can come up with some cool designs and won't burn a hole on your wallet since they go pretty cheap.

I hope this information helps you. :)
It does need a considerable haircut -- pinching and pruning the foliage into a better-shaped pad.
Greg, I hope you realize that juniper should be kept outdoors. They won't live for very long in the house, and that's what they don't teach you at the mall. Please read up on juniper - its native habitat/environment. Learn how to keep it healthy & happy. Let it grow out well and worry about 'style' later on.
Thanks for the advice I do have some nursey stock but saw this and decided to go for it, I will let it grow and see what happens.
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