Dwarf Jade and frost


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Hello, I have had a dwarf Jade bonsai for about 10 years. Actually, it was my first plant at the young age of 12. However, it is at home while i am away at school. Due to the massive snowstorm that hit the northeast over the weekend, my house lost power, and the tree was subjected to 2 days of 30-40 degree temps. The family has sent me a couple pics and it looks very limp, and a sickly green. I will attach the pics ive received. He doesnt look good, but is it dead? I would think these plants could sustain a light frost over a couple days.



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Sorry Patrick, there may be a small chance the center of the root ball didn't freeze and you might get a sprout from there. I doubt it though.
Also sorry, but chances aren't good.

Succulents like jade and elephant bush (another common name for what you have) contain so much water that if they do freeze, even briefly, the damage from ice-crystal formation is catastrophic to the plant. I've been there, with jades.

The only real chance is if it didn't actually freeze; from your post that sounds possible but improbable. Your family might be able to answer that one.

I once saw a large (full size) Jade at a nursery that looked like it had been pruned very hard. When I asked about it I was informed that it had inadvertently been exposed to a frost. Apparently all of the leaves and smaller branches died off but the trunk had not been killed. So I would say that there may be a chance that it is not completely lost. If the stem is soft then I agree it is probably a goner. On the other hand if the stem is firm you have nothing to lose by keeping it around for a while, you might get lucky.

Yeah, i havent seen it in person yet, but i would have to agree with everyone, that it is a goner. Kind of sucks, but what are ya going to do? I will keep it out of the trash heap for a month or so, just to see if anything happens.
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