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Fresno, CA. Were all the food comes from if we ha
These shrubs are all over Fresno, (Al probably knows for sure, but lets see if anyone can beat him to the punch?) and has kind of large green to red leaves and small pink flowers on them.

I dug one up that I got for free and was hoping I could either reduce the leaves or that the flowers would be saving grace. Or, I'm just out some time.


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some type of cherry (Prunus)?
Prusus x cistena?

thats just a total guess... things are different here in the midwest:p
Here are a couple more pics so you can see the twisted trunk and massive flared root base. I don't think these produce any fruit. Maybe a small berry, but not sure.


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Yeah that looks like Indian Hawthorn to me too.
I was just at Home Depot and decided to look to see if they had the plant. As I pulled up I noticed the mystery shrub all over the parking lot in the dividers! It's all over Fresno. I saw a red tip photinia and thought that, that was it for sure. But then I noticed that the leaves are serrated along the edge. I kept looking and noticed a hawthorn India. The veins on the back of the leaf have the same pattern (like a puzzle.) This whole time I thought hawthorns were all trees and all had thorns. I also thought they had different leaves like the pic.


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I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say....Shishigawagi Caliponica.

oh....nevermind I see I am too late and it has been identified. Damn...I hate it when I sound like I know what I'm talkin about and turn up wrong. Good thing that only happens once maybe twice a year:rolleyes:
the leaves that you are thinking of belong to the common hawthorn, Craeteagus monogyna. I'm not as familiar with Raphiolepsis or Indian Hawthorn, but it is obviously a completely different genus.

Craeteagus are in the rose family. Does anyone know what this Raphiolepsis belongs in?

Here inlies the problem with common names...:(
hmmm...fossilized crap!

You mean this stuff. About 35 million year old. The last one Ted Matson and I laughed our ass off one night at Caca Kai thinking about the poor dinosaur that had to pass this rough compacted thing. I think he needed to lay off the cheese and think about some fiber!

Talk about a lay-up!


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...Damn...I hate it when I sound like I know what I'm talkin about and turn up wrong. Good thing that only happens once maybe twice a year:rolleyes:

Yea me too Al but for a totally different reason. This happens to me because I only sound like I know what I am talking about once or twice a year. :eek:
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