Japanese Maple Problem


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St Louis, Mo
I have a few 3 - 4 year old Japanese Maples in a regular pot that recently had bad windburn and lost all of thier leaves. Now they are budding up again, is that bad? I was not sure if this was too late into the season to have new buds form. What is the lowest temp I should allow the plants to be in before i brign them outside? Are they more temperature sensitive while budding? Thanks in advance for the replies. I will post pics soon.

P.S. I live in Zone 6A
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Knowing where you live would really help with the advice given. If you lived in Alaska I would say tot protect the tree in the winter, if you lived in Florida I wouldn't protect it at all.

The advice I will give is based on my climate..... I wouldn't protect it. Just make sure you have watered and fertalized it and keep the soil moist. It is a tree and needs to be kept outside, maybe some winter protection depending on where you lived.

Just this pat year we had all trees bud early only to get a late freeze and kill all the buds. Every tree was fine and bounced back well. They are trees and this type of thing happens all the time in nature. They have ways of dealing with it.

Good luck, Jason
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