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this is my first maple bonsai :cool:

its around 2yrs old now, what do you think of it now? showing signs of potental... any advise as to where i should/could take it style wise!

noting that im just as new to bonsai and my maple is to its


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My Best advice would be to plant it in the ground and feed it feed it and feed it some more. Two or three years in ground would do this alot of good. Then chop it back in ground and train new leeder and by four or fith year take in and put in training pot for a couple of years hopefully by that time you should have a great looking tree.
Hey Mr. Fever,

The hardest thing for me to learn has been to try to use the rules first. Bottom line your tree needs size. The beginning ratio rule is at least 6:1 height to caliper. So what Bubba is rightly telling you is the fastest way to get size.

The way I understand it is that you should plan how tall of a bonsai you want. Then grow a trunk. Then dress that trunk up with the right branch structure. So if you want a 1' tree you need a 2" caliper trunk. Hard to hear I know.
You know, the trunk has nice movement to it. What you may want to think about is how to fatten-up that portion of the trunk below that first hard bend-there are different ways to do that. About how tall is it, and where do you see it going? Also, clean out the pot, you really don't need other stuff growing in there. What many people do is plant them in the ground and let it grow nice and fat, from there you would cut it back hard once you have obtained the desired trunk girth and then develop your branches accordingly.
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