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Yeah, but Jacob,

can you make it matter ?

All the stuff I am reading deals more with the root to soil organism response. Who processes
what and why.

If you watch what is happening,

[1] Ground grow in colander for trunk size and first 6 branches -------------- fertiliser used at normal rate if
anyone remembers -- usually blaucorm - 12 N ......... granules.
We normally think about getting old and weight of pot / soil so 3 " trunks are the limit, more or less.
Height/width 15 to 18 inches.

[2] Oversized box for refinement --------- fertiliser 1/3 strength Miracle Gro lawn fertiliser ------ say 12 N

[3] Maintaining in Bonsai pot as above, to match strength of our sun and will test for 6N .... next year.

So why would anyone be trying to flood at the refinement stage with fertiliser ?

On our side only 1 or 2 types of plants can thicken the trunk in the the oversized box.
To be frank the local ficus can thicken in 1" of gravel with very little compost, just needs a 3 foot branch extension.

Most other trees don't respond like that.

So unless you specialize in Yammadori and then find them with minimal scars to repair,
you only need a little fertiliser to restore harmony and viola, you have a show presentable
Obviously an inert inorganic would work for the practitioner.
The soil with time will gather, dead roots, dust, bird and insect poop and you will restart
the organic process.

So yes, flood the system, with over concentrated fertilser, most will wash out and slowly
as the organic builds so will the water/fertiliser holding capacity..

It does not take a genius to figure out what happens.

Additionally use oil meal cakes and they rot, making compost and once again fill the
inorganic soil with organic.
Plus akadama holds water, as does red lava, and it is much the same.

What should be questioned is -------------------- did some of the others confuse Yammadori growing
with starting from scratch trees ?
Good Day

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