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Just Duane

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Honolulu Hawaii
Long way to go yes:) This tree was going to be a cascade but, a slight change in plans now.

current front




side. here you can see where the branch was cut


other side

I like this tree and it's always good to see more nana's in use but the trunk bothers me a bit. To me it goes to the back way too far and even though you've pulled the apex back to the front it's still pretty obvious (in a picture at least). Good work though and a long way from a cascade.;)
I like it. The nebare or what I can see of it looks pretty good for a junie , especially a nana
Steve, you're correct on the trunk. I will have to do something about that in the future.

Dwight, thanks, this is my karate kid cutter tree:) (no disrespect to Mr Nagatoshi)
BTW , Mr Nagatoshi has procumbus and pro nanas all over the place it his nursery. Some are absolutely spactular ( sp ? ) with thick trunks and lots of dead wood. As far as I could tell all still had the juvinal foilage as well.
If a jutting peak of a rock could be found and introduced into the gap between the lower left area and the upper section it could look quite interesting.
Dwight, I can only wish to view Mr Nagatoshi's trees in person. I bet they look awesome & for the record, I loved Karate Kid 3 (for the bonsai)

Klytus, that is an interesting thought. I will let this tree fill in some & then reassess this tree (different angles maybe?)
Thats a nice tree, id love to see what it looks like now in days
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