New corkbark black pine seedling...


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Ptown oregon
OK I LIED - but it is new...just got it last month

But really the real reason I'm showing this tree is to show off my new toy


and with it I can do this

Very impressive new gadget you got there. I now never want to take any more photos with my piece of crap, thanks! Seriously, some of those photos seem as if Im right there. I will have to look up that model and add to my wish list:) Also, nice bonsai collection you have there, I enjoyed it, thanks for posting!
The camera is a Canon XTI 10MP. Was on sale on for $419 with kit lens (regular price $700).
Most stores are getting rid of this model because of the new XSI which replaces the older XTI. It's a really good camera for anyone thinking of photography as a hobby.
Looks like you scored pretty good with that price. At that price every bonsai nut should have one to take pics of their trees as they follow their progress and for contest entries. Bad part about it is then
you'll probably end up having another addiction to go out and shoot pictures when you should be home pinching buds or some other useful bonsai activity. You'll start debating whether you need that nice trident maple that's for sale or that 70-300 tele photo lens. It's decisions like that, that causes good people to go over the edge. :confused:

I'm on my fourth high dollar camera and don't see any light at the end of the tunnel.:(
I agree - I have too many "expensive" hobbies as it is -

What should I buy next - a nice imported satsuki, a new snowboard with bindings, a new macro lens, or save up for the new is unfair....
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