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Now for my favorite nursery of the tour. Lone Pine in Sebastopol, CA about 20 min north of Sumigawa's.

The owner is a real gentleman and the nursery is mind blowing. The shear number of trees and stock is simply overwhelming on this 4 acre property. This isn't even mentioning the bonsai's they have for sale on benches. Oh and i forgot to mention the huge number of trees in the ground. They also have lots of cactus and succulents.

This place specializes in propagation and they pass the savings on to you! Shimpaku junipers for $5.50, Arakawa Maples for $8, cork bark oaks for $8, black pines for $10, $35 for grafted ones, and almost any other type of tree you can think of in about any size you could want.

My only frustration was that much of the stock is not priced and there was a large table that had "not for sale" trees (the trees in the first two pics are on that table!) You have to ask, and it was hard to find someone to ask. While the owner showed me around in the bonsai area, another customer came in and he had to help him out. Oh well, I think I would have spent twice as much if I knew how cheap everything was. I would have bought one of each!

I also used the 10% off coupon that was online to help the pocket book.

I doubt there is a nursery in CA that has the variety at the low prices of this one. It is a real gem!

The owner also has some nice trees. It doesn't surprise me when he used to be partners with Peter Adams. I had a good time talking to him about that.

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