Pinus sylvestris

Marc Wiehn

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Indianapolis, Indiana
I am looking to add a Scots pine to my bonsai bench. Either a pre-bonsai, or a "finished" tree. Any pointers are appreciated. Thanks!!
Check out Evergreen Gardenworks
Evergreen was my first place to check, but unfortunately no Scots Pine specimen are currently listed. I am not looking for a several hundred year old tree, but something decent to work on would be great. Thanks!
Why Scots pine? If you're looking for specimen material, you might be better off with natives species--Pitch Pine, Ponderosa, etc. that tend to be MUCH hardier (and a lot less finicky) than Scots pine here in the U.S.
Hey Rock, why sylvestris...? Long story, mostly sentimental value for me...

The native pines you mention are on my list as well. I have one Ponderosa pine that is ready to be styled next spring. I am experimenting with a small Eastern White Pine, nothing special, just a small tree that has already taught me a lot of lessons about Pinus strobus as bonsai...:eek:

Please excuse the commercial, but....
Check the blog at
If any of that looks interesting, email me at, and I can send more pictures.
The new website is in the hands of a talented young man, and should be up soon (I hope).
Chris Kirk
Telperion Farms

Having bought one of Chris's Scots pines this past spring I can vouch for the quality of his trees. And if you can get one that fits in a 30" box the shipping is quite reasonable ;)

Looking forward to your new website Chris

Rock, with advocates of Scots pines like Nick Lenz and Colin Lewis they are becoming quite popular around these parts
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