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I know this is really stupid question that probably has been answered a squillion times, but what is the easiest way to post photos? I use Picasa 3 and I've read the directions on the B-nut site, but I'm technologically challenged, so any advice for the simpleton is more than appreciated.:confused:
If you choose "Go Advanced" then "Manage Attachments" then you will see Upload Pictures from you computer. Select "Browse" and go to the Folder you have the pictures, maybe My Documents \ My Pictures (WinXP). Do not now where Picasa stores pictures, could be in the MY Pictures folder within another folder maybe Picasa. When you are at the Browse screen you will see the listing of picture file types and the size that can be uploaded. I do not know what extension Picasa uses, but it will be something like bonsai.jpg or bonsai.bmp. Most allowed are around 190kb, which is small but will look fine on the site. If you use an older digital camera 2-3 mg pix it will be around 1-2 mb and newer are 5mb up. So you will have to get it smaller to upload. And have it done before you try to upload. Picasa may have a feature that will do that for you. I am sure there are many ways that others can help with. This is what works for me, I right click on the 5mb Picture and select "Send to email" it will then ask "Do you want to make your pictures smaller" (this does not alter the actual picture) and you select Yes to make smaller. Then your OurLook or OutLook Express will open with the pictures listed as Attachments. At this point I Right click on the picture say Photo1.jpg and select Save As, then I save as Bonsai1.jpg. Make note where it saves it to as that is where you will "Browse" to for the upload.
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ml, Thank You Very Much! I'll give it the old college try and see how it works out. I knew that there was going to be an issue with pixel width from my photo files, but your advice is a tremendous help.

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