Refining a Ficus Natalensis Shohin

Western NY
Ficus Natalensis is, in my opinion, one of the best tropical species for bonsai. The trees are fast growing, very hardy and adapt well to growing in containers. If the material is well chosen good leaf reduction can be realized.

I have number of Natal figs of various sizes and I am particularly fond of my shohins. Normally I re-pot these trees every 2 years. As I do not adjust my soil mixture or feeding the foliage initially increases in size and abundance. I do not immediately begin leaf pruning as I like to let the trees recover a bit. Below is an image of one my shohins after re-potting about 4-5 months ago. The tree is clearly overgrown and has become a bit too large. Except when I plan to exhibit the trees are potted is larger pots than necessary. They are easier to care for, particularly in the summer months.


After a bit of pruning to shorten and to make the tree more compact.


Below are a few more.



When the new foliage appears will post again. Enjoy. Hank

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