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What's the most you ever spent on shears for your roots?:eek:

Maybe you have a preference for a particular brand and can elucidate exactly why no others are comparable.

Perhaps you use some sort of laser guided trimmer,tell me about your love of that tool too.

I look forward to replies,thouh maybe in the long term.
I use ARS Scissors, which I believe are for Grapes they are made in Japan and seem to be decent steel and cost about $20-$30. I use pumice, lava and acadama for my mix, and the lava does seem to make them dull eventually. I think as long as you keep your scissors sharp it does not matter so much what type you use-sharpen often. However, If I had more money I would probably get some Masakuni just because. The only prob I have with ARS are the blade length is a bit short, so you have to do a bit more work with them and your hand get's a bit tired. I'd like to get some with a longer blade.
I use old bonsai shears. I do not buy root pruning shears because, as mentioned, bonsai soil destroys them. I buy new shears to cut back the upper growth every few years, then use the old ones to trim roots.

Regular scissors aren't up to root pruning. Wall paper scissors included. Simply not heavy enough and won't keep and edge long enough when cutting through granite chips, turface and sand... They will chip their edges easily, mash, instead of cut roots, and wear out in a season.
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