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I am getting shipped around California for two weeks for work (single tear) and thought I might try and find some new trees while I am out there. It looks like I will be near downtown San Fran for the weekend and if anyone knows of good nurseries or gardens to visit I would appreciate it. Thanks B-nutters :D

I don't know about nurseries or gardens as I missed out on those, but when work sent me to Milpitas CA, we took an afternoon off and went to Big Basin Redwoods National Park in the Santa Cruz mountains (south of San Fran.). It was very worth while.

Take a short drive down the coast to Half Moon Bay, and stop at Half Moon Bay Nursery on Highway 92.

Great, inexpensive stock. We stopped by there on vacation and had little room for ourselves with all the plants back coming back through Oregon.
-Lone Pine Gardens in Sebastopol (1 hour north) has some of the best raw stock and bonsai material around here.

-While your around Sebastopol, in Occidental is Jim Gremel who has high-end trees.

-Maruyama in Sacramento has a lot of imported trees from Japan, and a large selection of pots.

The Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt is supposedly amazing, though I am ashamed to say I have not been.

Have fun!!!
Are you gonna have a car, cause you will drive ALOT to see anything?

How much can you afford to spend on driving around, cause it could cost about 80.00 just to see some of the places mentioned.

Johnny Uchida , (Groveway Nursery) is in Hayward, across the bay.
If you don't want to get in a car, yet have a yen :) for Japanese culture, take the bus over to Japantown in SF. It's not as big or as bustling as Chinatown, but there are some stores that have some interesting things. Not necessarily bonsai stuff, but I have found some pretty good bonsai pots there in years past in Soko Hardware.

Kinokuniya Bookstore has Japanese bonsai books.
I actually wont have a car but I think I can still find a way to make it to a few of these. Thanks for the information
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