Scale Or Mite ID/Help Needed On Fukien Tea


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Somerdale, NJ
This is the same stuff that I've been battling on my other Fukien Tea for a week. It starts as a gooey, sticky substance I think is 'honey-dew' and these white things that appear not to move at all. Then as it progresses it begins to turn the leaves brown/black and they harden and fall off the plant.
It will defoliate a Fukien in days if it goes unchecked.
The Fukiens are the only plant in my collection that are affected by this.
I hope someone can ID this thing for me:

Here, you can see that the flower bud is actually stuck to the leaf below it in the goo:

Here, I've moved the flower and there seems to be a colony of the white things on the leaf:

If you mist the plant the white things and the honey-dew get all over the pot and shelf the plant stands on. It's just a mess!!
I am treating it with a Neem Oil spray. This seems to kill off the white things and clear the plant of the goo. The other plant that I've had it on was much advanced and is just hanging on. I hope I caught this one in time.
Looks like aphids to me. The white things are the little skeletons they leave behind. The goo is from the plant as it is injured, and the black stuff is fungus that gets on the goo if you don't clean it off.

Try an insecticidal soap like Safer's. Let me know if you see the goo or the black WITHOUT the little white skeletons. Neem oil can be used between applications of soap - it repels bugs but isn't your best choice as an insecticide.

Where can I pick up Safer's Soap?
Would Lowe's or HD have it?
I imagine it is in a spray type applicator?
It is broadly available - I assume Lowe's or HD would have it. Might want to call first though. A quick search on Google showed many listings.

It is an organic topical insecticide and can be bought in spray bottles or concentrate. Just mix it up to the recommended strength, and spray it on the affected areas of your plants. Aphids typically only bother the softest parts of the plant (buds, new shoots, etc) so focus your attention there. Spray, wait a couple of days to make sure they are all gone, then use neem oil to keep them away.
Got it at Lowe's. ON SALE!!! I will let you know how it works. Thanks for the input.
Assuming you have aphids, you should notice a difference almost immediately. The tree should look "happier" within 24 hours (new shoots will not droop, buds will be firmer, etc).
Ok, one more question. Since Safer's Soap is soap will it tend to dry the leaves out over time or should
this not be a concern? This morning the shoots do look more upright with less droop but the over all
appearance of the leaf system looks a bit drier than previously.

And how often should I apply the soap? Is it safe to apply daily....every other day....?
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