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Northern California
My 1st attempt of a slab built oval, overall it's ok but there's room for improvement. You can see the seam joint, good thing it's at the back :p Very surprised it did not crack, sag or warp since I forgot to put the spacer under the pot to prevent those defects.

Are you going to glaze this one? I like your wire hole positions. Nice work.

Thanks Chris! Had 2 wide spaced at 1st, but after thinking about it I added the closer one. Probably will glaze it, just have to decide what color.
A really good first attempt! You master these, and I'm sure you'd find a willing market for them.
very nice pot...... here's a question, when you attached the sides, did you.....

1. sit the sides on top of the base
2. or, wrap the side around the base

I can't see the seam, but it sorta looks like you placed the sides on top of the base. I like when the seam is on the bottom of the pot. I don't think there is an advantage to either, other than it's much easier put the sides on top of the base when attaching. But I wonder if there is an advantage when coiling the inside seam?

My only critique is the placement of the feet. If I were making that pot, I would have either, made the feet directly in line with the sides, or inset them a little further into the bottom. I really like the look of pots with the feet inset, so when viewed, the feet are not seen and the pot appears to float. I also like the shadow line created when inset feet are used.

very nice pot!
Like your pot very much. The feet are in relation. I recommend that you can always sand the joint with one of those rectangular sanding blocks you buy at the hardware store after the pot has completely dried if it bothers you. Just get rid of all the dust before you glaze.
Thanks for the critique! Wondered why the feet didn't look quite right, now I know.

The wall were attached on the outside of the base. I don't recall there being any difficulty with the interior bead. My problem was keep the wall from drying faster than the bottom. It was built on a 16" square piece of sheetrock, once all parts were assembled everything went into a plastic bag to slow the drying speed. Must have worked cause the wall are vertical, my previous attempt they bowed inward.
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