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Norwalk, CA
I've been a little bored today and I decided to make a quick virtual of my CA Juniper with a Tokoname pot and some moss, if I have a chance I will like to do another one with choukaku Tokoname and probably do some virtual work on the foliage, branch position and death wood :D

So... what do you think??

Last night....



Afraid it doesn't do much for me, and won't until you do some work on the tree. Quite a bit of work.
Thanks jkl, I'll keep that on mind...
Good skills practice, I agree w/ Don, largely because you will probably not want it in a pot like thatuntil a lot of that work is ready, growth in a small pot is s l o w.

Looks like a decent piece of wood, have patience, and have fun.
You may want to think about a larger pot when the time comes in five, six or seven years....The one in the virt is too small for the tree.
I think it will be a long road with lots of carving and grafting (which to me means fun). There have been many NICE junipers that have come from material like this, it just takes time.
I think that this tree has really good potential... It will need quite a bit of work... After the tree is assessed to be healthy enough for work, probably getting the placement of the foliage pads in place would be a good place to begin and maybe some beginning carving.

Also, you may have to do some big bends in the branches to get the foliage to sit where you want. From what I can see, it looks like there is the live vein on the left...That is where the most caution needs to be taken when doing the work.

All in all, I think it has the potential to be a really nice bonsai.:)... I look forward to seeing the development of this tree
Thanks to all for taking the time to comment on this post.

I understand that this CA. J is far away from being a nice bonsai, it's just raw material sitting on a nursery pot.

I want to take it back to my bonsai club and ask Harry Hirao how long its been on that pot (since he collected it) and if he thinks its safe to start doing some work on it, mainly a re-pot and some foliage work, maybe some branch placement, I'm not thinking on doing any carving on it, at least not for quite some time, I'm still very "green" on my bonsai career and I see carving as an expert technique that I'm just not ready yet for it. :)

Other than that I will make sure to take it slowly on it and just do some basic stuff to it

Thanks folks!!
You are two steps ahead of the game for realizing that Harry is the one to speak with.
You are two steps ahead of the game for realizing that Harry is the one to speak with.

;) I think that's the best option I have, I mean who else could give me a better opinion other than him, (no that your opinions are not valuable, they really are), but personally I believe he is the best on CA J's
Didn't know it was a Harry tree.. Ya, he is definitely the master to talk to:)
Didn't know it was a Harry tree.. Ya, he is definitely the master to talk to:)

Yeah... I should it done it the same day of the X-mas party but I was in a hurry to show the CA J. to my family, so now I have to struggle to take it back to the club, its heavy for a single guy to lift it (not impossible or risky) but I really don't want to have to move too often, I think my back will thank me for that....:D
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