What's Your Scheduled Maintenance for Shimps and Pines


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So what do you use and when do you apply it to keep your JBP's and Shimpakus Healthy? I'm hoping to learn everything from feeding to Insecticide, to fungicide to whatever you do to keep them pest free and healthy. This will be first season growing shimpaku's and only about the 3rd or fourth with JBP's....so help a brotha out!:D
Big question Ryan! I bet you can count the number of different tips you get by the number of replies:rolleyes:

First thing that comes to my mind is that my shimps do far better in some shade by mid-summer here in AL. That's pretty contrary to a lot of what you read, but by mid-summer, they're next to my beech and hornbeam, and seem to need water about as often...which is to say, thirsty trees. I think I'm at the southern edge or just beyond the ideal climate. At about the TN state line, most of the pines are replaced with junipers on the roadside. I use turaface, lava, and akadama equally as soil, 1/8"-1/4" size, and feed with organic cakes and fish emulsion. I check weekly for spider mites, but usually don't see them.

Black Pines: SUN SUN SUN! Coarse soil, and timing for pruning is critical! On candle-cutting, check here: http://www.nebaribonsai.com/Nebari_Bonsai_112109/Projects_files/Candle-Cutting 1109.pdf
A very comprehensive photo-study of one pine over 3 years, showing timing of annual work, and the results...not bad for 3 years from nursery stock...and I REFUSE to cut needles.

My $.02...I look forward to seeing this thread develop.
For feeding, I use biogold pellets and liquid seaweed. Sometimes I will use fish emulsion, but the smell causes problems, but the trees love it. During the growing season I use liquid seaweed once a week, in conservative doses. I put biogold pellets on until they disappear, then put a new one on.

Pines like the sun, while an ideal set up for shimpaku (and satsuki!!!) is full sun under a shade screen.

I mostly grow shimpaku, satsuki, and kuro&goyo matsus. My trees are extremely healthy.
Let me start with Brian, nice piece of work , Thanks for the look see.

Ryan, I keep mine in N.E. in full sun, and feed weekly with 1/2 strength miracle grow. I don't do the just in case insectcidals, I use the hose and give my trees a regular( whenever it hits me) wash off of the foliage, and have never had a spider mite issue, most other pests as well. Yep the aphids still show now and then, but there are just so many of the little students of boon(SOBs):D.

Only one JBP and this year with more of the old soil to be removed, hopefully I can have a better time of keeping it dry as they are supposed to like better. Same fert regimine.
Thanks for taking the time to share your feeding schedules and tips :D!
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