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  • Hi Gary, thought you might remember the JBP i just posted a poll for choosing a front. It still intrigues me to the point that i am moving ever so slowly with it. I sure appreciate the time you took with me when i visited telperion farms. Also i am very pleased to have one of your larger pots in my collection waiting for a special tree. Thanks again
    Hello Dear one.... Hope all is well with you.... Working on that beautiful lil JBP of yours.... love it, and think of you often when I'm working on it. V
    Hi Gary-
    you came to the Columbus Club a few years ago and I really enjoyed your style and presentation. Hope you can make it back sometime.
    Hey Wood hope your doing good. I have been studying your trident project, and was wondering about the multiple trunks fusing into a single trunk. Did you put multiple seedlings through a single hole, if so, how tight were they to each other? Thanks for the info, and great thread. Ive enjoyed reading it. Keep us updated.


    My name is Andy, I was at the Bonsai meeting in Dayton last night. I was the one that won the Dawn Redwood. I enjoyed youre program. Andy
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