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  • I have been very busy this summer. I am starting my blueberry farm and its taken me until now to read your message. I lost my bougie several months ago. I have made a good experiment with rooting my satsuki cuttings in peat moss. I hope you are doing well. Thanks for your reply. Sorry it has taken me this long to read your response.
    Hi Victrina,

    as you probabyl know I am in the process of writing a rather lengthy foreword to the Dan-book. I am now at a point where i can communicate this. I want to send you my first rough draft. You are so good with words and you are right in the midle of this. I want your opinion. Please send me a mail to walter(at) (replace the at - spame control) and you will get the draft.

    I just wanted to take a minute and say I think you are a great photographer of bonsai. You replied to my thread about bougainvillea needs and I am greatful for that. I have a couple of questions to ask you about my plant.Being you are a great photographer I would just like to ask your opinion about what color do you think would best match a Blueberry Ice bougie I am having a hard time deciding on the color that would best suit the purple leaf color when it is in bloom. Also how is the best way to get the quickest results from the plant growth wise. Should I put it in the ground in the summer or let it grow in its pot if I put it in the ground I am worried about the roots being disturbed. I hope to hear from you.Thanks JimJ.
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