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The Importance of Starting With a Good Trunk

Leaving out the primacy of horticulture - knowing how to keep a bonsai alive - it is essential to understand that the trunk is the most important - and least malleable - aspect of a bonsai. It has been said, "Show me a great trunk, and I'll show...
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Thanks you for your understanding and sharing. This has let me understand bonsai and how to start. I need a bigger pot :). And a few years. Happy Growth.
Thanks for the good read. Something every beginner should see
Thanks for appreciating what I had to say.
As a beginner, this is possibly the most pragmatic and blunt piece of literature i've come across. Thanks for this.
Thanks for realizing the value of what I had to say. Good luck with your trees.
Excellent resource I learn something new everyday.
Great advice...bones/trunk is something I think even the underdeveloped tree if has great bones...can look good no matters how underdeveloped in ramification it has. Something that draws one in...even with it in its earliest stages. Good read! Thanks love your play on words as well.
The author details the importance of the trunk of a bonsai thoroughly in a way that a beginner can understand and gives valuable advice for achieving the goal of trunk development. This resource is highly valuable for the forum as it gives us solid learning material that new members can read in their own time in the process of developing basic knowledge of bonsai technique.
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