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  1. xisbi

    Air layer started to drop leaves after 2 days

    hi I am new to air layering and could use some help. I air layered a meyer lemon tree and within a day the leaves of the air layered part started to fall. Did I remove too much when I was removing the bark of the branch? the new growth that was on the branch before the air layer so far kept...
  2. B

    Air Layering

    So I did air layering for the first time after watching many videos on it's so I knew how to do it properly. I did it on a lions head Japanese maple that I have; I air layered two branches on this tree and waited 8 weeks. I checked today if there were roots and this is what I saw (see pictures)...
  3. S

    Quercus cerris/Turkey oak ground layer

    Has anyone had success on ground layering or applying tourniquet on turkey oak? Is it possible to create a new nebari with theese methods, or one should try graft saplings on it, or cut windows on the bark and burry it, to fill the gaps between the roots?
  4. Tbwilson33

    Nursery ficus. Chop? Air layer? Looking for advice

    Hey everyone, novice bonsai guy just looking for advice. I found this at a local mom and pop shop for 35 dollars and thought why not? Decent size trunk on it. I just bought it thinking of trunk chopping it and trying to root some cuttings but I just started thinking I could air layer the top to...
  5. DamianTrimboli

    JM Air Layer - Wrong?

    I'm in the south emisphere - Buenos Aires exactly. I've done an air layer in a JM on December 29th. Now i'm noticing that the newest leaves are turning brown, but the hardened off ones are still ok. Has the air layer gone bad? Is there anything i can do to save it? is it normal? I've done air...
  6. Saddler

    Shohin Maple Trunk

    I wired this trunk while still on the parent tree and removed it about three years ago. I’ve had it at a friends the whole time and missed repotting it every year. I’ll repot it next spring. This fall I want to cut it back to the primary branches and grow the leader out to thicken the top...
  7. S

    Liquidambar without branches

    I have a very old liquidambar that stopped producing low branches. How do I get more lower branches? Can it handle topping off? I can also air layer the top if the bottom will grow new branches.
  8. S

    Liquidambar no branches / top off

    I have a very old liquidambar that stopped producing low branches. How do I get more lower branches? Can it handle topping off? I can also air layer the top if the bottom will grow new branches.
  9. ConorDash

    Ugly Ducklings - Suggestions, advice please

    Hello, So these are 3 trees (1 is not an elm but 2 are so went in the Elm section, sue me!), that are my more experiment, worthless (apart from sentimental) and have no natural positives. So take off your master bonsai cap, with your taper and nebari talk and think more for fun and see what...
  10. keegan

    Oak Air Layer aftercare help?

    Hi there! I live in Los Angeles. I air-layered a cork oak. Layered March 2017, checked for good roots in Oct and again in January. Finally split March 1, 2018 with some good roots in a small-fist-sized ball of sphagnum. I planted the top in a new pot with well draining but not super-airy...
  11. ajm55555

    Beni Maiko Air layer

    Does anyone have experience air-layering a Beni Maiko JM? Can it be done easily with this species? Can I do it at the end of Spring or I should wait for the Summer? I wouldn't want to lose the tree... I would like to get the top part as a multi-trunk, so cut below the first bifurcation. Thanks!
  12. Michael P

    Any special techniques for air layering trident maples?

    Bonsai Nut's fantastic article on air layering has inspired me to do some this spring. I've air layered a number of different species in the past (including some other maples) but never tridents. My seven tree trident forest needs a complete make over; the tops are interesting, but the trunks...
  13. E

    Trident Maple - Air layer to root over rock. Think It'll take?

    Hey folks! I'm air layering a trident maple that i bought from Wal Mart (surprisingly decent quality) to be used for a root over rock repot for the upcoming spring. I've read that tridents are super vigorous in both root and foliage growth and respond well to techniques like air layering and...
  14. mwar15

    Japanese Maple Air Layer Help

    I air layered this Japanese Maple and cut it off the mother tree in April. It was 1 out of the 3 I tried on the Mother tree. It is on a single trunk I just buried it lower to keep it from moving and disrupting the soil. My Question is what to do as far as the next step? My thought is to...
  15. RileyJFDB13

    Possible Chinese Elm Air layer?

    was walking by this tree today and I had the thought that because this looks like an old branch that was chopped and caloused over. Wpuld it be possible to air lay this? It would make an insane little sumo Bonsai if it was possible. what does eveyone think?
  16. vicn

    Creating a Flare on an Air Layer

    I know I've seen pics and discussions regarding air layers where a wire is put on to start a flare. My question is whether the wire is really put on tight, or not so much? Okay....I lied...I have more than one question. Is this done a year ahead, a month? Does the wire need to be removed before...
  17. RileyJFDB13

    Rosemary Repoting, Is it possible??

    From everything I have read everywhere the general consensus is that its darn near impossible to repot a rosemary or cut off thick roots without loosing the plant. This is extremely unfortunate as they have amazing trunks and live veins when very old. But in saying this there has to be a...
  18. Grant Hamby

    Shishigashira Air Layer Project

    I got this tree when I first started bonsai (last summer) from a local nursery. That was before I knew about weird grafts and long boring trunks, so this spring I tried to air layer it. I watched the Graham Potter video a couple times and then went to work. It's fall now and nothing but callous...
  19. ConorDash

    Pyracantha Air Layer

    Hello, Not expecting a great deal of comments, as there isn't much to say about it yet really! This is an air layer I started nearly 10 weeks ago, and what its roots currently look like. I did worry that they aren't quite the colour of roots I was expecting but, I leave that to better minds...
  20. ConorDash

    Air layered my mallsai

    Hi, This is more so a topic for record and progression but comments are always welcomed, of course. Although bare in mind any comments on something I did wrong will simply torment me as the deed is done now, so try to go easy :P. I did read a lot and prepare a lot before hand, so here's hoping...
  21. GenBurnside

    Air layering a trident maple in the summer

    I'm hoping to air layer the top half of my trident maple, because the trunk is too tall, and want to see if I can get a "free" tree out of the trunk chop. It's just getting to the hot part of the summer in Georgia... Did I miss my window this year? Or can I go ahead and start the air layer in...
  22. ColinFraser

    Kishu Air Layer

    Here's another shohin seminar acquisition - a long lanky Kishu. I'm partial to the small tree I think I see in the lowest branch, so I'm layering off the top . . . . . . could be vaguely tree-ish up here too. Two layers at once really: Ugly, but hopefully effective:
  23. cbroad

    Bloodgood repotting & styling questions

    Hey everybody, I have a few questions about what I think is a Bloodgood J.M. I guess it could be Emperor 1 or Fireglow, they all look so similar to me when they're this small and very hard to tell the difference. IMG_20160222_124328 by cbroad posted Feb 22, 2016 at 2:18 PMIMG_20160222_124316 by...
  24. jomawa

    ???Moss Blocks Oxygen???

    Am bothered by a statement found in my bonsai researching, that moss blocks oxygen. Context of the statement specifically was "covering the soil with moss" vs leaving the soil uncovered for a free transfer of oxygen, not anything to do with moss's water holding capability. Since I am doing air...
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