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  1. Carapace

    How to propagate Coast Redwoods?

    Hi guys, I recently got 10 little coast redwood seedlings and I wanted to know what the best way to propagate them is, cuttings? air layers? ground layers? These are really rare and expensive (the transport is really) plants over here and I want to multiply them to give them to my friends. If...
  2. C

    Katsura Maple for Air Layers

    Been wheeling this beauty in and out of my sunroom using a dolly for about 3 weeks now to protect it from the cold. Can't wait to throw a bunch of air layers on the branches this May and hopefully get a bunch of trees to work on. After I get the branches air layered I might go for broke on a...
  3. H

    Japanese Maple.. what to Air Layer/Remove

    I got this Japanese Maple last year and didn’t see the interior until this winter. It needs a lot of work and I could use any suggestions regarding where to airlayer (left side large branch/trunk has 2 limbs with movement I’d like to keep) or what all needs to be done. Red is air layer (or chop...
  4. C

    First post: Should I repot or air layer this first?

    Hello all, I am at the tail end of my first bonsai winter! I just picked up this Katsura maple from a nursery the other day and I'm a little stumped on what to do first with it. These were the options I have cooked up in my head. Any thoughts on these as well as new suggestions? 1) The soil...
  5. SmallTreeGuy

    Will this Elm Air Layer up high?

    I have been eyeing a specific branch on one of my large Elm trees for a couple of years and luckily it is above my studio so I can reach it with a ladder. When spring comes around, I’m planning on air layering it to get a pretty substantial trunk with some interesting movement. Attached is the...
  6. F

    Juniper Being Stubborn on Layering & Possible ID

    Hello, I have identified a Chinese? Juniper with fairly good traits that I have been attempting to air layer for the past two years. The previous summer, I managed to strike roots on 1/5 of my attempts, but it had already begun to brown off and has since died. This fall, I attempted ~10...
  7. AlexoftheCastle

    Help ROR Ficus bring sexy back, guidance/input please.

    Inherited my dads ROR ficus approx. 11 y.o. with the tree left to grow freely. Fear of killing the tree its been Semi-neglected the last 4 years, it's been great practice learning trees habits, and basic bonsai techniques(Thank you bonsainut community!) The lack of balance and unruly growth is...
  8. czaczaja

    Olive Air Layer Advice

    I am planning to air layer my olive in spring and looking for some advice whether what I'm planning on doing is viable. I want to put the layering pod up as high as possible under the branches to end up with a nice short trunk on the layered tree. This will leave me with a tall trunk to later...
  9. RJG2

    Neagari bougainvillea

    Root exposure (slowly) in progress. Progression posts are scattered over here (but I'll try to summarize in this thread): Current (@sorce pot):
  10. R

    Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum) Air Layer + Ebihara Progression

    Hi, Long time lurker, first time poster here 👋 Just wanted to share my progression with a Japanese Maple air layer + Ebihara that was started last year. May 24, 2022: July 31, 2022: August 6, 2022 - Air layer separated August 19, 2022 April 7 2023 - First repotting
  11. czaczaja

    Sourcing material from forest

    Looking for peoples opinions on sourcing material from forest. Either by digging up seedlings or air layering mature trees. I live close to several forests and have an opportunity to get Oak, Ash, Pine, Maple, Yew and many other local species. I'm curious as to what people think of the 'ethics'...
  12. Clicio

    Air layering Corkbark Elm suggestions.

    This Corkbark Elm is too tall and straight, so I have been wondering what to do. 1- chop it down. 2 - air layer it. 3 - making it a weeping elm. My preference is to air layer it (on the green line), and after cutting the layer chop it down to the first branchlet (blue line). But... Suggestions...
  13. Bonsilot

    Air Layering Thick T-Intersection Olive Branch

    I'm looking for advice on how to best airlayer a large T shaped branch on a European Olive (see photos). Questions below. Any tips or info on how long it will likely take would be greatly appreciated too. Here's my current plan: Make cuts on the branch at the red lines shown in the photos...
  14. Baku1875

    Dwarf Barbados cherry air layers and future chops!

    Alright, thanks to BNut homies i identified this thing, and after dragging this tree out of the shady corner of my yard, it's time to seek out some of its potential. Here Air layer time Canadian peat and perlite mix and some sphagnum on top Two air layers ready to grow, might do another 2...
  15. LeftHandLuke

    Bald Cypress Air Layer Size?

    My neighbor has a huge, healthy bald cypress in her backyard that's scheduled for removal in about a year. She told me to knock myself out if I wanted to grab an air layer. My goal is to get one or two on there ASAP with the plan to collect them within three to six months. How big can I go in...
  16. half_adder

    Suggestions on where to air layer this white mulberry?

    A huge white mulberry tree fell down in my yard last summer. This branch grew out of the stump and I've been letting it survive so I can air layer it. I'm planning on doing that this weekend. Any suggestions on where to air layer? My tentative plan is to remove a strip of bark in the middle of...
  17. A

    Air-layering succulents?

    Hello Nuts! I want to air-layer this Crassula Ovata. It's an old photo, but it has a big 'foot' that half rotted and the base looks bad. They are not wood, and the usual layering techniques would probably rot the trunk. I've read that some people just cut them, let them dry and roots will...
  18. J

    Creating a bonsai tree while still on a parent tree?

    I have a lot of junipers, and a large red maple on my property that i would like to air layer into bonsai trees. I keep thinking that it would be advantageous to do some serious grow out and branch work on a future tree while the branch is still attached to the parent and then air layer the...
  19. B

    [88 Days] Air-Layering Japanese Black Pine x 2

    Hello Bonsai Nutters, Here are the results of my 2nd attempted at air layering Japanese Black Pine #3 and #4. Location: Bali, Indonesia Date of Air-Layer: 7 May 2022 Date of Removal & Repot: 2 August 2022 Total No. of Days: 88 In my earlier thread here...
  20. B

    [97 Days] 1st Success: Air-Layering Japanese Black Pine

    Hello Bonsai Nutters, I would like to share my experience with air-layering (AL) a Japanese Black Pine (JBP). This specimen is a result of my first successful attempt at air-layering a JBP. Prior to this Air Layer, of all the references found on the Internet, the general accepted timing for...
  21. S

    Dawn Redwood Rooting?

    Hello everyone! This is my first post on Bonsai Nut, but I have around 30 bonsai and have been working with them for approximately five years. I recently went on vacation for six days, and to keep my plants alive, I placed them in a circle with two sprinklers in the middle. All my bonsai are in...
  22. Dank Piscean

    Best soil mix for Maple air layering after removal from parent tree?

    I've got two Bloodgood Maple air layerings out in my front yard that I've started a month ago. Still no roots but the sphagnum moss inside the air layer pods is still moist and just needs time. I know its gonna take at least another month or more for good roots to develop and I'll definitely...
  23. memehongkong

    My first Japanese Maple air layer attempt

    Hello All, Cut off my first successful air layer attempt yesterday. I started the air layer on my Tobiosho Japanese Maple around March and cut off the branch yesterday. Putting the plant in a pot with sphagnum moss and will place it in a shady area for the root to grow strong. Then I will...
  24. Dank Piscean

    First Air Layer of Red Maple in Front Yard

    It's through bonsai that I discovered what "air layering" was so I thought I'd give it a try on this Red Maple I have in my front yard. I believe its a bloodgood and there's a couple others on the same and neighboring blocks since they seem to be popular here. I love the color they give during...
  25. S

    question for those with experience of air layering to grow surface roots question - what to do once the roots grow?

    Seeking guidance on an air layering question: I am a beginner and am trying to develop surface roots. I am going to try the ‘ring’ air layering technique (cutting a ring through the bark and growing roots into moss). My question is, what should I do with the new roots once they have grown...
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