1. O

    Foemina Juniper Bark Management

    I was just wondering if anyone had any general tips on Foemina bark management. I have a tree with Jin several shari. I was going to clean off the bark they way I usually do for itoigawa. However I noticed that the new red bark layer is a bit more delicate on my Foemina. Does anyone clean bark...
  2. LeoMame

    Camellia's cracking bark

    Hello Bonsai people, I come to you with a question concerning the bark of a camellia. I noticed that it's cracking in some points: I have very little experience about this species (I acquired this one couple of years ago), I was only able to see young garden plants or old specimens in bonsai...
  3. LeoMame

    Curious pattern on palmatum's bark

    Hello bonsai people, I wondered what this curious pattern on my maple's bark could be. There are patches, here and there, and they're most visible when the trunk is wet. Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. M

    Acer Rubrum Fertilizing/Potting Mix??

    Does anyone have any advice on fertilizing a red maple/swamp maple yamadori bonsai? Like what type of fertilizer to use and how often to use it? Brand names are very helpful. The tree is most likely 25-30 years old. Also what soil mixture would you guys recommend? I’m seeing various...
  5. LeoMame

    insect ID + advice with flaky bark bonsais

    Hello Bonsai people, this morning I spotted 3 or 4 of these tiny insects on the trunk of one my JRP, and as I have no idea of what they could be, let's see if anyone might have some suggestions. These are dark red, not really moving (but when removed from the tree I could see some wee legs...
  6. C

    Will this branch survive?

    Greetings! I am very new at bonsai and definitely need some specific advice. I was wiring a branch and the tip of the wire twisted under the bark and completely removed it as I wound the wire around the branch. I realize my mistake there (should have left some slack on the wire where I started)...
  7. Clicio

    You feed your Jaboticaba in the Spring and the bark explodes.

    Well, it's a mix of Biogold, Hanagokoro and fish emulsion. Basacote, just a sprinkle. A lightly diluted kelp emulsion sprayed every month... And the Jaboticaba has to change clothes, as the old ones don't fit in its new fattened trunk. First image from three months ago, trunk images from today...
  8. BarkLeafTrees

    Identify my tree?!?

    Hi all! I have no idea what this monster tree is but it’s deciduous here in the UK. There’s not much to identify it by, just the bark but I’m sure someone out there knows! Thanks for the future replies! Ben
  9. Cosmos

    The bark picture thread

    Simple: post an interesting closeup picture of the bark of a tree you own (refined bonsai or long term project, doesn’t matter). Focus on picture quality, proper focus and lighting. If you post in this thread, you must attach a bark picture, no exception. Same rule as in the other picture...
  10. backroadstraveler

    Shohin Cork Bark Elm Wanted

    Looking for a nice Cork Bark Elm. Around 8" or smaller is ideal. Decent corking and ramification preferred. Willing to pay between $300 - $400 for the right one. Thanks!
  11. AZbonsai

    Revitalizing Bark

    Has anyone ever heard of ideas to revitalize bark on a tree? Are there nutrients specifically used to feed bark? In doing just a bit of research I have come up empty. Seems like there should be more information about it instead of just how to clean it.
  12. j evans

    Need some lilac help.

    Yes I know it isn't a bonsai but I need some help. This the trunk of a lilac tree that is probably about 30 years old. The last couple of years it has seem to be declining. Fewer flowers, fewer leaves etc. I have read about lilacs shreddig their bark etc but the trunk appears weird to me. Can...
  13. Large Cork Bark Elm

    Large Cork Bark Elm

  14. Cork Bark Elm

    Cork Bark Elm

    This has a four inch trunk with an overall height of 18 inches
  15. Ficus Retusa

    Ficus Retusa

    My mallsai from Walmart. Not bad for ten bucks. Brought it home and took off the glued on rocks then potted it in the pot its in now. I plan to let this one grow out for a while and then wire it into shape. Then last but not least find a suitable pot when the time comes. I know its not a nice...
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